Orion & Brinker Capital Merge to Create WealthTech Powerhouse

The companies will join forces backed by TA Associates and Genstar Capital to create a combined wealthtech provider enabling independent financial advisors to grow their businesses, serve their clients and win in the marketplace.

Brinker Capital, a Berwyn PA based, privately held investment management firm brings over 5,500 advisors with more than 60,000 end investors and $25B in AUM for a combined total of $40 billion in TAMP assets. This in addition to the 2,000+ advisory firms and $1 Trillion in assets under administration that Orion currently supports, places the merged business in a position to seize new opportunities and better serve their clients and drive the future of the advisor-client relationship.


See how Orion and Brinker Capital will bring their companies together to better serve their collective clients and ultimately shape the future of the wealth management industry.

Hear from Eric & Brinker’s CEO

Watch Orion’s CEO, Eric Clarke and Brinker Capital’s CEO, Noreen Beaman as they discuss how we’ll be bringing our companies together to better serve our collective clients and ultimately shape the future of the wealth management industry.

Orion + Brinker Capital

See how Brinker Capital’s approach to investment management aligns closely with Orion’s vision to better enable the advisor-client relationship.

Bring Our Business Together

Find out why expanding our current asset management offering was necessary for delivering even more flexible and comprehensive investment management options.

Our Future Vision

Learn how Orion plans to further elevate the functionality of, and the connectivity between, the tools advisors rely on every day through our tech-enabled fiduciary framework.

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