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Orion Custom Indexing

Powerful Personalization
for Every Investor

Manage tax-efficient, personalized portfolios at scale through a tech-enabled, competitively priced solution.

Be Part of the $362 Billion2 Opportunity

As clients continue to demand more customized services, there are now more than $362 billion2 in direct indexed separately managed accounts. Advisors who are looking for a powerful differentiator to their offering need to start delivering personalized portfolios at scale in order to attract and retain client relationships.

Customization driven by you. Expert guidance and support from us. All fueled by the #1 all-in-one software program used by advisors.1

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Build Custom Portfolios. Minimize the Impact of Taxes.

Easily bring proactive tax management to every client through cost-effective and customized portfolios at the touch of a button.

Offer Flexible, Tax Efficient Strategies

Improve “after tax” client returns and reduce taxes, plus gain new clients by transitioning portfolios easily and tax-efficiently:

  • Proactive and ongoing tax loss harvesting
  • Tax-effective transitions
  • Capital gains budgets

Customize the Investing Experience

Deliver portfolios that align your investor’s personal needs or beliefs with their investment objectives:

  • ESG, SRI, & Faith-based screening
  • Concentrated positions
  • Sector/Industry preferences

Gain New Clients

Elevate your offering to clients and prospects while growing your bottom line:

  • Partner with CFA Credentialed Portfolio Managers to optimize and monitor client portfolios on a continuous basis, at a lower cost
  • Attract high-net-worth clients by addressing many of their main concerns around tax management and customization

Leverage Orion’s Premier Tech Suite

Generating tax alpha can help you deliver better client outcomes.

  • Streamline trading & reporting by implementing Orion Custom Indexing via a sleeved account at the custodian of your choice
  • Eliminate the need for time consuming processes through ongoing tax-loss harvesting & optimize against benchmark indexes


of investors agree that taxes can eat at their portfolio the same way volatility can3


of investors believe their advisor should be focused on minimizing their tax obligations3

Deliver Proactive Tax Management — In Just a Few Clicks

Start with a selection of a target investment mandates that align with your client’s values, goals and objectives, then customize those portfolios across a wide array of options including tax transitioning, setting capital gain budgets, applying social screens or security restrictions.

Create Engaging Conversations

Present a client’s tax savings in an easy-to-understand manner.

Increase Transparency

Enable investors to see their ongoing progress when transitioning their portfolio.

Your Value

Utilize personalized proposals and tailored reports to show the instrumental value created by proactive tax-loss harvesting over time.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to learn more about how Orion’s Custom Indexing can help you cut down on management time and costs, win additional clients,
and stand out from the crowd.

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