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Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our DE&I vision:

As One-Orion, we pride ourselves in sustaining a work environment that is inclusive and considers the full range of human diversity. Our team’s growth-focused mindset, fearless innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit depends heavily on the collaboration of team members with varied perspectives and experiences.

Our Orion team member experience is built around equity, respect and a sense of belonging. We’re identifying and eliminating barriers to fair treatment in how we attract, recruit, onboard, develop, and retain team members to ensure access, opportunity, and advancement for all. There’s a lot of work to be done, and we fearlessly embrace it.”

Eric Clarke, CEO, Orion Advisor Solutions

We place an intense focus on ensuring our team members have the tools, resources, and support they need to realize their unique vision for success. Fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued is a key part in making this happen. In 2018, Orion started a formal program to embark on our DE&I journey and track progress along the way. We’ve accelerated our progress over the past year and are putting our thoughts into action by building and enhancing our programs and policies to bring an inclusive culture to life for our people.

Joe Preisser and Ryan Brumfield walking in a hallway at the Brinker office.
Lara Coviello presenting at Ascent 2021
Mustapha Baassiri presenting at Ascent 2021.

Our Progress

Policies and Benefits

  • Expanded paid parental leave, covering all genders
  • Extended benefits coverage to domestic partners
  • Paid time off made available for part-time team members
  • Expanded tuition reimbursement
  • New student loan repayment benefit

Programs and Training

  • Respect and inclusion training rolled out for all team members and new hires
  • Diversity Champions Committee formed
  • Working groups established to execute on priority areas
  • Third-party expert engaged as DE&I partner
  • Team member survey deployed, action plans developed

As we build the Orion of tomorrow, DE&I is firmly established as a focal point and business imperative. We are strengthening our efforts and making progress in five priority areas:

  • Hiring and retaining diverse talent at all levels
  • Enhancing communication and connection
  • Recognizing employees
  • Fostering two-way, open dialogue
  • Raising awareness and driving engagement

Team Member Stories


“One of the things that makes Orion great is the flexible work environment. I appreciate the opportunity to work from home and adjust my schedule when the need arises. Orion is always striving to be better — looking for ways to make impactful changes that benefit all team members.”


“I’m proud to bring my full self to work every day and know that I’m accepted for who I am and the unique perspectives I bring to the business.”


“The authenticity that Orion team members show on a daily basis in working together to deliver the best outcome possible makes me proud to be part of it.”


“One of the most valuable things I’ve learned during my time at Orion is that you don’t have to wait for someone else to offer you an opportunity. If you want to make an impact or a difference, there’s nothing stopping you. Your potential is as big as your dream!”


“Orion cares about the health and well-being of its team members. That’s why we have the option to work remotely or in the office and introduced “Working the Orion Way” where we pledge to take time for ourselves during the day and to leave work at work.”

Join Us!

We have several initiatives currently in progress, and we’ll continue to update here when they’re implemented. Interested in a career at Orion?

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