Orion Planning: 2020 Wrap Up

Event Description: Join our Financial Planning team as they go through the enhancements made in 2020, and share some ways firms are putting these enhancements into action. We may even tease some 2021 roadmap items that you won’t want to miss!
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Distinguish, Differentiate, Disrupt: Using the Power of Financial Planning to Set Your Firm Apart

Event Description: With more new and automated players entering the wealth management space every day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for advisors to stand out. But financial planning can actually be the key to setting your firm apart. During this webinar, Brandon Marcott, CFP® will not only explore the importance of financial planning and how it can help your firm grow, but also provide some valuable action steps your firm can take to use financial planning as a powerful differentiator. Join us to find out how financial planning can help you distinguish your unique value proposition and disrupt a noisy, crowded marketplace.
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Riskalyze Fearless RIA Roundtable

Event Description: This is a broad-based virtual event, including speakers from large custodian firm executives, to large RIA entrepreneurs, to wealth tech leaders, to trade journalists.

The Orion Client Portal: How It Started & How It’s Going

Event Description: It’s been just over 6 months since we launched the new Orion Client Portal - a single portal through which clients can access all the insights, tools, and interactions they need to run their financial lives. And it’s been a busy 6 months. We’ve added some hot new features to help make your client experience even better, including the newsfeed, new payment options, more ways to customize the views and data, and much more. Plus, we’ve got some BIG releases on the horizon, including the Client Portal mobile app, which is the first white-labeled app for advisors. Join us as we demo the Client Portal and these new features, and see how you can step up your client experience game with the Orion Client Portal.
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Peering Into the Future and Demystifying Monte Carlo Simulations

Event Description: Why is the Monte Carlo low when there are assets at the end of the plan? What is a good outcome? What is the best way to present results to clients? Brandon Marcott, CFP®, our Financial Planning Product Manager, will provide answers to these questions and more. Learn how you can use Monte Carlo simulations to build trust with your clients and establish your expertise as their financial advisor. You don’t need to be a stats pro or math whiz to make the most out of this intuitive tool. Brandon will cover the most commonly asked questions our financial planning team gets about Monte Carlo simulations, and share some best practices about how to get the most bang out of your simulation results.
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FPA Nor Cal

Event Description: The FPA NorCal Conference is the premier financial planning conference dedicated to the education, knowledge, and growth of financial planners. Orion's, Sean Hollingshead, VP of Managed Accounts will be speaking about Planning and the Client Experience on Wed, June 2 at 1:30 pm PDT and Thurs, June 3 at 12:30 pm PDT!  

Getting Started with Orion Planning

Event Description: Join us to take a tour of Orion Planning! You'll learn more about the financial planning features that are available and where they're located on the platform. We'll also share some tips and best practices to help get you started with setting goals and building financial plans!
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Delivering Value Through the Investor Life Cycle

Event Description: Your clients’ needs at age 25 vs. age 45 vs. age 65 will all be extremely different. As they reach special milestones during various points in their life, their financial future changes with it. Of course, this is something you know, but how prepared are your investors? Do you know what is keeping them up at night during each of these life stages, and how you can best serve them as their advisor? Join us as we explore the different client life stages, how you can address your clients’ needs, and what pieces of your tech can help to get the job done. We will also have our Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Daniel Crosby, on deck to talk about the behavioral thoughts and decisions that your clients go through at each of these stages, so you can be well equipped to meet their needs.
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Advice Tech (Asset Map)

Event Description: An all-day live Virtual Conference showcasing the newest advisor fintech.  Join Orion's Brian Morgan CFP and Product Director of Financial Planning, for a demo of the Orion Planning tool - Orion FP, now available for advisors to use in outreach to underserved families and individuals looking for independent financial advice and guidance  

2021 FPA of Greater Kansas City Symposium

Event Description: The FPA of Greater Kansas City first annual symposium will take place in person in Olathe, KS.  Orion's Ray Shirley Subject Matter Expert of Financial Planning will be peering into the Future and Demystifying Monte Carlo Simulations.

Build an Efficient Client Experience

Event Description: In times of uncertainty, clients expect more from their financial advisor. In order to go above and beyond, advisors need to ensure they have all the latest technology to deliver an outstanding digital client experience. The experience must seamlessly provide clients access to the most important elements of their financial lives in a single place. In fact, 81% of advisors agree that the client portal is the most important technology solution for improving the client experience, and accordingly, the number one area of investment for improving the client experience.* Focusing on the client experience will inherently help grow your business, create scale, and increase your firm’s value overall. But to reap those benefits, you need technology that both provides value to your clients and enhances your efficiency as an advisor, so you can spend more time growing your relationships. Join Orion’s own George Svagera, Vice President of Business Development, for an overview of the Client Portal and hear some of the biggest highlights that can be a game-changer for your firm and your clients. George will talk financial planning, account aggregation, prospecting, integrations, reporting, and more! *2019 Investment News Advisor Technology Study
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Using Data to Deliver Planning with MoneyGuide & Orion

Event Description: Advisors can now connect MoneyGuide's financial plans with Orion’s Client Portal investment performance data to better understand how their proposed strategies affect their clients’ estate planning strategies. During this live event, hosted by MoneyGuide, you will uncover how their integration with Orion’s Client Portal makes it easier to go from plan to portfolio implementation. Plus, MoneyGuide unveils their newest solution, Wealth Studios,  and demonstrates its advanced estate planning strategies which addresses client cash flow questions prior to retirement, and models dynamic net worth over time.
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