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Stop Swiveling & Finally Scale Wealth Management

Event Description: While technology is necessary to grow your firm, adding more pieces to your tech stack can turn you into a “swivel chair advisor” - as you’re constantly switching between multiple systems, re-entering data, and manually completing tasks. With all of the recent enhancements in fintech, however, there has to be a better way? JoinTimothy D. Welsh, CFP, President of Nexus Strategy, LLC, as he shares his latest insights on the industry changes and how you can stop wasting time and resources with multiple workarounds for your tech. Throughout this webinar, you’ll discover: 1) Advancements in technology development to help you “stop the swivel” 2) Lessons from top advisors on how they are leveraging unified systems to streamline their operations 3) How you can find a tech stack that helps you operate better, faster, & stronger