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A New Approach to Equity Risk Management

Event Description: As markets continue to struggle this year, we’re launching the first hedged equity strategy to the OPS Platform – designed to help lessen losses and have high market up capture. Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, and Phillip Toews, CEO and Lead Portfolio Manager at Toews Asset Management, to hear how the Toews Managed Risk Blueprint Strategy provides you with an equity strategy that remains fully invested but uses options contracts to attempt to offset losses. With a track record of navigating downturns in 2018, 2020, and 2022, the strategy can help your clients remain invested at a potentially critical time in market history.

Change the OCIO Game with Orion’s Custom Indexing

Event Description: High-net-worth investors overwhelmingly believe that advisors who outsource their investing to third-party experts have more time to understand and deliver on their particular needs. Join Orion's Kurt Brown, President, OCIO, and Andy Rosenberger, CFA, Head of Custom Indexing, to learn how to reclaim valuable time and meet your clients more than halfway on traditionally unscalable tactics - including this year's trending topic, direct indexing. You’ll see how Orion can give you access to the tech, high-touch services, and investment team needed to help provide clients with personalized portfolios, tax optimization, and better outcomes.

How to Improve After-Tax Returns & Scale Portfolio Customization in 2023 with Custom Indexing

Event Description: As you are in the throes of year-end tax planning, the importance of proactive tax management presents itself again. Harvesting losses on an ongoing basis, instead of just at year-end can result in an additional 1% of tax alpha per year.* Start taking action today so you can help lessen your client’s tax burden next year. Join Andy Rosenberger, CFA, Head of Custom Indexing, and Timothy D. Welsh, CFP, President of Nexus Strategy, LLC, to learn you can help clients grow their custom portfolios while minimizing the impact of taxes through Orion’s Custom Indexing. From tax-loss harvesting and tax transitioning to ESG - you’ll see how you can easily bring proactive tax management to every client through cost-effective and personalized portfolios at the touch of a button. * Source: “An Empirical Evaluation of Tax-Loss Harvesting Alpha” Shomesh Chaudhuri, Terence Burnham, Andrew W. Lo.

Portfolio Recipe ‘Most Popular of 2022’ – The Downside Protection Portfolio

Event Description: