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New User: Trading

Event Description: Gain a better understanding of the Tools, Processes, and Dashboards in Eclipse that will help you take your Trading to the next level!
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Suspended Disbelief and Second Chances with Toews

Event Description: While markets have rebounded from their initial lows earlier this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many risks and questions still remain for investors. And if you missed your chance in March to be proactive with your clients’ portfolios, the time is now to start preparing for further downside risk. Join Eben Burr, Toews Managing Director, for a review of this year’s market fallout and a discussion about the role of behavioral portfolio management during times of crisis. Burr not only offers an overview of the Toews models, but he also explores the way in which they align with Orion Portfolio Solutions’ Market Cycle Mandates approach to portfolio design, which seeks to prepare clients for all market scenarios.
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Win on Defense: SaratogaRIM’s Unique Investment Process and Upcoming Market Outlook

Event Description: Saratoga Research and Investment Management (SaratogaRIM), a strategist on Orion Communities, takes a unique, four-level approach to the Investment Process that includes Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Valuation Analysis, and Portfolio Construction. Join Director of Investor Relations Mark McClenahan and Portfolio Manager Matt Casas for a detailed look at each step in their process, which is designed to beat the benchmark over whole market cycles and has historically resulted in above-average long-term investment returns with less volatility and systematic risk. McClenahan and Casas close with a review of the market, along with a look ahead at what to expect next year from a valuation perspective.
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How to Create Economic Value in Today’s Market

Event Description: Join Rusty Vanneman, Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, along with Chris Romano, Director of Investment Technology and Solutions, and Horacio Carias, to learn how you can leverage Orion’s SMA optimizer, ASTRO, to create economic value during times of market uncertainty.
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Right Now Is the REIT Time: Equity REITs with Chilton Capital Management

Event Description: If you’ve been thinking about exploring REITs, don’t miss this informative session with Matthew Werner, CFA and Managing Director at Chilton Capital Management! During the webinar, Werner offers valuable insight about why public REITs are the best vehicle to access commercial real estate and highlights Chilton’s competitive advantage in the commercial real estate space.
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Investment Expertise, Simply Delivered: Introducing BlackRock on Orion Communities

Event Description: We’re thrilled to announce the launch of BlackRock models on the Orion Communities platform! During this introductory webinar, Brad Stanger, CFA, Director, and Lindsay Dia, Product Strategist at BlackRock, take a deep dive into the BlackRock models business.  You’ll learn the benefits of a models-based practice, including the reduction of risk, as well as the guiding principles and disciplined, three-step approach to portfolio construction that have made BlackRock a pioneer in the models space. Bryan Gelster, Orion’s AVP of Business Development, will also walk you through assigning BlackRock models on the Communities platform.
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Introducing BlackRock at Orion Portfolio Solutions

Event Description: As part of the exciting launch of BlackRock’s models on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform, you’re invited to join Amanda Toner, model strategist at BlackRock, for a deep dive into the BlackRock models business, which was formally launched in 2013. During the presentation, you’ll learn more about BlackRock’s dedicated model portfolio solutions team, their guiding principles for building portfolios, and their disciplined, three-step approach to portfolio construction. Toner will also explore BlackRock’s wide range of strategies spanning target allocation, multi-asset income, and target income.
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