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Orion Portfolio Solutions’ New Advisor Portal Live Webinar: Account Trading Functions and Model Maintenance Q&A

Event Description: Orion Portfolio Solutions’ new and reimagined platform helps you facilitate your entire wealth management process right from one cohesive experience - helping you navigate each day with ease. Join our experts for a live Q&A event focused on a summary of key trading functions and answers to all your questions about placing buy/sell trade orders, performing Household-level rebalancing and trade order reviews, as well as, how to conduct model and sleeve maintenance, assigning new models and add or edit overlays. Submit your questions when you register or bring them with you to the event.
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SEC Exam Priorities: What to Know, How to Prepare, the Tech You Need

Event Description: Compliance is not an annual one-and-done reporting activity, as we’re reminded each year with the release of SEC Exam Priorities, which indicates the areas that Compliance Officers should direct their energies during the year. SEC enforcement actions against firms increased by 7% in 2021, so advisor firms need to stay abreast to mitigate their risk with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements. During this webinar, Orion’s CCO Brian Ferko flags the hot topics from the exam priorities and how to prepare, and Carlos Guillen, SVP of Tech Products, shares how the game-changing BasisCode compliance Platform enables advisors to stay ahead of regulatory inquiries.
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Focus Financial Partners Conference

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
Event Description:  Orion Advisor Solutions will be attending the Focus Financial Partners conference in Las Vegas as a sponsor and content contributor. Orion CEO, Eric Clarke, along with SVP of Consulting and Implementation, Greg Menefee will be speaking from the main stage on The Future of Client Experience and the Hottest Fintech Industry Trends. Randy Lambert and Joe Leybolt will also be sharing the Orion Roadmap during a breakout session on Friday, June 24th.

Power Your Growth Through a Network of Elite Advisors

Event Description: Looking to grow your advisory practice with the backing of a powerhouse aggregator firm? We’ve got a network of firms looking for advisors just like you to join their practice. In this webinar, we talk to two of these firms, Mariner and Financial Services Network, about how they recruit advisors for their firms, how they help advisors transition and grow, and what the future of the advisory business looks like. You’ll come away from this webinar prepared for a conversation or interview with an aggregator firm and understand how merging with one of these firms can help fuel your growth. Whether you’re an established RIA looking to merge with another like-minded firm to gain scale, or you’re an individual advisor or breakaway broker looking to join an existing firm, the Orion Network can help connect firms and facilitate introductions.
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Orion Portfolio Solutions: Performance, Flows, & Positioning | May 2022

Event Description: Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, and Investment Research Analyst, Ben Vaske, for this month’s illustration of performance, flows, and positioning on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform. During the presentation, Rusty and Ben will look at what happened in the market, highlight the strategist firms and models that performed best, and dive into total average performance by mandate type and strategist classification. They’ll also explore the overall strategist lineup on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform, including recent additions.
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Orion Portfolio Solutions’ New Advisor Portal Live Webinar: Marketing, Resources and Investor Portal Q&A

Event Description: Orion Portfolio Solutions’ new and reimagined platform helps you facilitate your entire wealth management process right from one cohesive experience - helping you navigate each day with ease. Join our experts for a live Q&A event focused on the library of training content within the Knowledge Hub, as well as, practice management resources and marketing content for your clients. Plus, we’ll take your inquiries about the Investor Portal, including the Orion Planning Tool. Submit your questions when you register or bring them with you to the event.
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June 2022 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: Be among the first to see what updates are coming to the Orion platform in June. Our product team will demo the updates and be available for any questions.
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Manage Your Alternative Assets with Ease

Event Description: Alternative investments are a great way to diversify a portfolio and mitigate market volatility, but they are also held outside of the traditional investment structure and can be a challenge for advisors to track and maintain. This is why we created the Orion Alternative Investment Platform (AIP), which allows advisors to provide all-in-one statements and reviews for their clients by maintaining alternative investment data in concert with publicly traded investments. Sign up to see a demo of this platform and see how you can leverage it to create efficiencies for your firm. We will also cover how you can outsource your alternative asset maintenance to Orion, and why that might be a great option considering rising labor costs in today’s world.
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Portfolio Recipes: The Peak Inflation Portfolio Recipe

Event Description: Inflation has been hitting multi-decade highs around the world, but there’s some recent evidence that the peak in inflation rates may be near if not already past. If we are indeed at what many are calling, “Peak Inflation,” what does this mean for investors? Will recent market activity continue to outperform, or will there be a change in what is leading the market? In this month’s Portfolio Recipes, we blend investment strategies from two well-known investment management firms, Fidelity Investment, and Horizon Investments. Both firms have successful track records at actively managing investment portfolios and adjusting to changes in market conditions. Their take on the current market environment, including what they’re thinking and what they’re doing about the latest inflation data, should make for a tasty portfolio recipe. Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, for an inside look at a new pairing featuring two strategists on our platform, Paul Ma, CFA, Vice President, Lead Portfolio Strategist at Fidelity Investments, and Scott Ladner, Chief Investment Officer of Horizon Investments.
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Orion’s Eye on the Markets: Check in with Tim Holland and Dr. Daniel Crosby

Event Description: With our nation shaken by uncertainty - you’re probably spending time managing not only your clients’ portfolios but also their emotions. It’s now more important than ever for financial advisors to continue providing value for their clients. Join Orion’s Chief Investment Officer, Tim Holland, CFA, and Orion’s Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Daniel Crosby to hear an update on the latest market activity and how to speak to your clients during periods of volatility. Tim and Daniel will share insights on how you can help keep investors on track to achieve their long-term financial goals.
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Orion + Redtail: Transforming Advisor Growth through Next Generation CRM Technology

Event Description: The widely awaited deal between Orion and Redtail has closed. Together, we are ready to transform the way advisors grow their business through a cohesive, tech-driven experience designed to connect every stage of the advisor-client journey. Join Trent Mumma, Orion’s EVP of Tech Products, and Brian McLaughlin, Redtail co-founder and now Orion’s President of CRM, for a first-hand look at our roadmap for combining Redtail’s next-generation CRM technology into Orion’s open architecture platform to help advisors scale essential operational functions and strengthen client relationships.
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HiddenLevers War Room – Housing Whiplash

Event Description: While the $1T crypto market saturates headlines, the $43T U.S. housing market is what determines whether we are recession bound or not. Mortgage rates have doubled since March, and our biggest economic driver is eroding fast. 1) Have U.S. housing prices peaked? 2) Does the Fed want to end the housing boom? 3) When do mortgage rates overwhelm millennial demand? Join us as we update our U.S. Housing scenario and welcome thought leader Gargi Chaudhuri, Head of iShares Investment Strategy Americas – in the next Orion War Room.
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