Upcoming Webinars

April 2021 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: As we enter the second quarter of 2021, take the opportunity to connect with our product teams about the latest enhancements coming to the Orion Advisor Tech platform. Our product managers will be on deck to share demos of the new updates and answer your questions.  May and June product release webinars are also available at registration!

Peering Into the Future and Demystifying Monte Carlo Simulations

Event Description: Why is the Monte Carlo low when there are assets at the end of the plan? What is a good outcome? What is the best way to present results to clients? Brandon Marcott, CFP®, our Financial Planning Product Manager, will provide answers to these questions and more. Learn how you can use Monte Carlo simulations to build trust with your clients and establish your expertise as their financial advisor. You don’t need to be a stats pro or math whiz to make the most out of this intuitive tool. Brandon will cover the most commonly asked questions our financial planning team gets about Monte Carlo simulations, and share some best practices about how to get the most bang out of your simulation results.

Inspirational Alpha: The Story Behind the Rapid Growth of Thematic Investing

Event Description: Thematic investing strategies are taking the investment world by storm, growing rapidly, and raising assets—and for good reason. These strategies, based on world-changing themes like disruptive tech, climate change, and demographics, offer tremendous value to advisors and investors alike. Perhaps most importantly, they help advisors create Inspirational Alpha: stories that resonate with investors, stimulate them, and give them the opportunity to be part of something transforming the global economy. Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, and Nick Codola, Investment Research Analyst at Orion, to learn more about the rise of thematic investing and the power of Inspirational Alpha, as well as explore the thematic investing strategies and resources available on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform.

InvestmentNews RIA Tech for Breakaways – How to leverage technology to make going RIA easier

Events Description: There are few topics more top-of-mind for “breakaway advisors” than technology. In fact, the desire for better tech is often a top reason why advisors consider breaking away in the first place. To be sure, there is no shortage of RIA Tech out there. So, determining what should (and should not) be in your RIA “Tech Stack” can be a daunting task. Join InvestmentNews and Orion's President, Noreen D. Beaman, for this panel discussion and let these industry thought leaders help you parse through the many options.

The Financial Advisor Lifecycle, Part 3: Join the Hall of Fame

Event Description: We often speak of the client lifecycle, but what about the stages of being a financial advisor? Just like a young rookie trains differently than a Hall of Fame veteran, an advisor in the early stage of their practice has vastly different needs than one who has been established for years. For the first time, we will take an in-depth look at the technology, best practices, and helpful hints for advisors in every phase of their careers. The third and final installment of our triple-play series focuses on advisors who are seasoned pros. These firms have robust books and healthy AUM, but never miss the opportunity to keep growing. Our team of coaches will discuss maintaining a large client base, working with the next generation of investors, and staying current in a changing financial landscape. Join us as various Orion experts and advisors just like you share stories and offer life lessons they have learned through the years. With plenty of professional insights and actionable advice, this webinar will be a grand slam for advisors in any career stage.

May 2021 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: We’ve got another round of exciting platform updates coming at you! Join us for an action-packed half-hour of demos, questions, and learning. April and June product release webinars are also available at registration!    

June 2021 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: Let’s round out 2021 Q2 with the latest details on this month’s tech build! Understand what updates were made to the Orion Advisor Tech platform and how to leverage them in your business. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to ask our product team any questions about the updates. April and May product release webinars are also available at registration!