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Orion Portfolio Solutions: Performance, Flows, & Positioning – May 2021

Event Description: Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, and Director of Research Kostya Etus, CFA, for this month’s illustration of performance, flows, and positioning on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform. During the presentation, we’ll look at what happened in the market, highlight the strategist firms and models that performed best, and dive into total average performance by mandate type and strategist classification. We’ll also explore the overall strategist lineup on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform, including recent additions.
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LightPoint Faith-Based Portfolios

Event Description: LightPoint Portfolios™ are the convergence of advanced analytics, institutional asset management, and impeccable biblical values. Beacon Wealth Consultants has been providing Biblically Responsible Investing solutions to clients for over 20 years and now our five turn-key, fully asset-allocated, risk-based portfolios are available to you at Orion. Our Chief Investment Officer and Investment Committee utilize institutional research and a forward-looking interpretation of the markets and the investments are screened for abortion, adult entertainment, anti-family concerns, and companies that exploit human addictions.
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5 Lessons From 5 Decades of Asset Allocation

Event Description: Drawing on a 44-year heritage of research, Morningstar Managed Portfolios’ asset allocation approach has evolved to what they call valuation-driven asset allocation. Along the way, history has taught them five lessons that are covered in this presentation.
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Making the Break: Orion’s Breakaway Bootcamp

Event Description: Whether you’re just starting out on your breakaway journey, or you’ve already established your independence, setting up your RIA can be exhilarating, daunting, and, at times, isolating. But you aren’t alone. Join our Making the Break event for actionable advice and best practice tips from a panel of advisors who have been in your shoes, along with valuable sessions from industry thought leaders and market experts.
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Processing Quarter End – Part 2

Event Description: As you prepare for quarter end, are you ready to run your bills and statements—quickly? We've got you covered! Join the second part of our Quarter End webinar series where we'll walk you through how to complete your dashboard, run live bills and invoices, and review your billing audit files!
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Small Companies, Big Opportunity

Event Description: Small caps began rallying in Q4, and if history is a reliable guide, the asset class could have a long runway as the economy reopens, and we emerge from recession. HGK's focus on high-quality companies has generated consistently strong results with their Small Cap Value SMA, now available in Communities.
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Advisors Excel Wealth Elite Symposium

Event Description: Shawn Edie, Strategic Consultant, and Josh Benson, VP of Business Development at Orion, will be at Advisors Excel Wealth Elite Symposium at The Omni Hotel in Louisville Kentucky. Hope to see you there!

Finalizing Quarter End – Part 3

Event Description: You've processed your fee file at the custodian, now what? It's time to track your receivables and process payments to your Reps! Join the last part of our Quarter End Webinar Series to learn more about the Post Payments app, and how to run Advisory Fee Reports in the Payout Dashboard.
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Billing – Recalculating & Troubleshooting Live Bills

Event Description: There are times when a live bill needs to be revised after it’s already been run. Did you know that you are able to recalculate a bill to reflect changes such as an updated fee schedule, asset exclusion, or changes to billing settings? Join us to learn more about how to recalculate fees while you are mid-bill run, and after you've already collected the fee from the custodian.
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An Adaptive Solution to The 60/40 Problem

Event Description: A traditional 60/40 allocation today contains much more risk than the typical balanced investor desires. But, a systematic plan for allocating assets according to the current market environment can: 1. Diversify a portfolio across 8 major global asset classes in a single investment vehicle 2. Naturally adjust allocations to each asset class as risk rises or falls 3. Generate lower volatility than a traditional growth allocation 4. Deliver about the same amount of risk as a 60/40 portfolio, but with the return expectation of an 80/20 allocation 5. Help your clients stay anchored to the plan by leaving no room for emotional decision-making during times of euphoria or fear
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Portfolio Recipes: The Fundamental Portfolio

Event Description: Today, as the tides of change constantly disrupt the economy, some investors want portfolios that can adapt to market changes. Investment approaches grounded in fundamental research with independent high-conviction decision-making can help you pursue this goal. Join Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio MasterChef Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT with guests Robert D. Baker, President of Advanced Asset Management Advisors, Inc., and Mario DiVito, an equity and multi-asset investment director at Capital Group, for our latest installment of Portfolio Recipes. Learn how to construct a portfolio steeped in fundamental analysis!
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July 2021 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: Kick off Q3 by joining our product team to learn about the software updates being released in July. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask the product team your questions! Click below to register for all our Q3 sessions.
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