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On Demand Events

On Demand Events

Miss out on a recent webinar? No problem — all our past webinars are available to you on demand, 24-7.

2022 W Forum

Event Description:  Orion is proud to support the 2022 W Forum in Austin as an exhibiting sponsor. Each year, Advisor Group organizes the W Forum, focusing on supporting women financial professionals. Featuring intriguing speakers, valuable educational sessions and a myriad of networking opportunities, the W Forum event is a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and exchange ideas with Partners and peers.

Equitable Advisors Investment Practice Forum

Event Description: Orion is proud to be an ongoing supporter of the Equitable Advisors Investment Practice Forum as both an exhibiting sponsor and a content provider. On February 10, Dr. Daniel Crosby will be on the main stage to share insights on The Advisor’s Greatest Value.

Putting the Pullback into Perspective: A Look at Recent Market Volatility

Event Description: During times of market volatility, how can you provide support and guidance to investors to help maintain peace of mind for their long-term financial success? Join us as we take a deeper look into recent market events and discuss how to keep investors on track through all market cycles.

On Demand

Orion’s Outlook for 2022

Event Description: Join us for our 2022 outlook webinar! During this event, you will gain insight into the following areas: 1) Industry outlook and company update with Eric Clarke, CEO, and Noreen D. Beaman, President, 2) Our economic outlook from Tim Holland, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, 3) Behavioral investing tendencies from Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer

On Demand

Monthly Spotlight: The Orion Tax Managed Solution

Event Description: Orion’s Head of Tax Managed Solutions, Andy Rosenberger, CFA, is back to answer all of your top-of-mind questions! Join us for this exclusive opportunity to hear from Andy and  get equipped to bring proactive tax management to every client.

On Demand

Let’s Talk Higher Taxes: The Policy Debate Heats Up – What It Means For the Economy, Markets and Portfolios

Event Description: To help fund the “Build Back Better Act,” meaningful changes to the U.S. tax code have been proposed, including higher rates on capital gains, earned income, and corporate profits as well as new limitations on retirement accounts. As the tax policy debate heats up in Washington, D.C., please join us for a very timely conversation between Steve Pavlick, Head of Washington Policy Research for Renaissance Macro Research, and Andy Rosenberger, Orion’s Head of Tax-Managed Solutions, on the proposed changes to the tax code, what proposals are likely to be embraced by Congress, and how a final bill could impact the economy, the markets, and your investment portfolio.

On Demand

The New Dynamic Diversified Alpha Pairing

Event Description: Learn more about the Dynamic Diversified Alpha Approach from Brinker Capital & BlackRock! BlackRock, a global investment manager, is coming together with Brinker Capital, a dynamic, boutique strategist, to bring you the new Dynamic Diversified Alpha pairing. This pairing, featured on LPL’s MWP platform, brings together two innovative strategists, BlackRock, backed by their industry-leading proprietary risk management platform, Aladdin® – and – Brinker Capital, a 25-year veteran of rigorous, independent due diligence and manager selection. Join Jason Nicastro of LPL, Brinker Capital’s Ryan LeStrange, and Eric Mueller of BlackRock as they introduce this unique model pairing, designed to serve as an all-weather core asset allocation to compound long term growth over time. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn: 1) More about the growth of MWP’s platform and how LPL’s recent product enhancements support model pairing, like the Dynamic Diversified Alpha, as well as, account-level pricing, Flex IO, and beyond. 2) How the Dynamic Diversified Alpha approach allows for investment management with a longer-term strategic view while offering the flexibility to respond to changing markets. 3) Why this powerful blend, from two investment managers known for asset allocation, industry-leading risk management, and manager due diligence, would be a valuable addition as a core holding in your client’s portfolio. 4) Who to contact to learn more about this blended portfolio approach.

On Demand

Atria (Cadaret Grant Panel)

Event Description: Built by wealth management veterans to elevate the independent advisor category, Cadaret Grant has been shaping the industry for over 30 years. Acquired by Atria in 2018, they continue to champion the independent approach today.  Orion’s Tim Holland, Chief Investment Officer will be giving a Market Outlook on the Cadaret Grant panel.

Let’s Talk About Biden’s Tax Plan

Event Description: President Biden’s “Build Back Better” program includes three key elements – each with significant changes to the current tax policy. Some parts of the program have already been enacted, while others are still in the proposal phase. Join Daniel Clifton, Partner, and Head of Policy Research for Strategas Securities, and Tim Holland, Chief Investment Officer of Orion, for a live discussion about Biden’s new tax policy. Clifton, a top-ranked Washington analyst in the Tax and Accounting Policy category, will provide increased insight into the changes ahead, including how similar tax policies have historically impacted the economy and the markets.

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