On Demand Events

On Demand Events

Miss out on a recent webinar? No problem — all our past webinars are available to you on demand, 24-7.

LightPoint Faith-Based Portfolios

Event Description: LightPoint Portfolios™ are the convergence of advanced analytics, institutional asset management, and impeccable biblical values. Beacon Wealth Consultants has been providing Biblically Responsible Investing solutions to clients for over 20 years and now our five turn-key, fully asset-allocated, risk-based portfolios are available to you at Orion. Our Chief Investment Officer and Investment Committee utilize institutional research and a forward-looking interpretation of the markets and the investments are screened for abortion, adult entertainment, anti-family concerns, and companies that exploit human addictions.

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Preparing for Quarter End – Part 1

Event Description: Don’t waste time stressing about how to prep for quarter end! Watch Part 1 of our Quarter End Webinar Series where we’ll walk through the process of auditing your billing information and running a forecast bill. We’ll also show you how to kick off your Quarter End Dashboard so you’re fully prepared for a successful quarter end.

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Fight or Flight: Acknowledge and Address Client Fears

Event Description: We are living in an unprecedented time full of uncertainty. As troubling headlines around COVID-19, the housing market, and rising inflation flood your clients’ emails and news feeds, it’s only natural that they’ll fear what’s next. Now, more than ever, discussions around risk and real-time events are essential in calming client concerns. Together, HiddenLevers and Orion provide advisors with tools to acknowledge and address clients’ concerns while also reassuring them that they’re properly invested to meet their financial goals—no matter what the future holds. Led by Business Development Executive Clark Jeffries, and joined by Adam Palmer, Director, Product Management, we’ll discuss actionable strategies to provide investors peace of mind and explore how HiddenLevers + Orion can help prevent clients from allowing fear to disrupt investment decisions. We’ll also showcase an in-depth review of HiddenLever’s capabilities, such as gauging risk tolerance, stress testing portfolios, and recommendation building to minimize risk.

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Ameritas Connection

Event Description: Ameritas Connection is virtual this year. Connection is built on the foundation of a meeting For the Field, By the Field. Jacob Danielson, Orion Advisor Technology’s Strategic Consultant, and Courtney Turner, VP of Strategic Relations for Orion Portfolio Solutions, will be managing Orion’s virtual booth.

June 2021 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: Let’s round out 2021 Q2 with the latest details on this month’s tech build! Understand what updates were made to the Orion Advisor Tech platform and how to leverage them in your business. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to ask our product team any questions about the updates. April and May product release webinars are also available at registration!

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Event Description: Aite Group’s Digital Innovation in Wealth Management Executive Forum is open to qualified attendees only. Qualified attendees include senior-level wealth management executives (i.e., Directors, VPs, C-level), or their equivalent; involved in the purchase, evaluation or recommendation of IT or wealth management products/services; and/or responsible for wealth management within their organizations. Orion’s Eddie Sempek, SVP of Strategic Relationships on the Digitalization and Client Discovery panel at 11:30am EST-12:15pm EST. Click HERE for more information!

Let’s Talk About Biden’s Tax Plan

Event Description: President Biden’s “Build Back Better” program includes three key elements – each with significant changes to the current tax policy. Some parts of the program have already been enacted, while others are still in the proposal phase. Join Daniel Clifton, Partner, and Head of Policy Research for Strategas Securities, and Tim Holland, Chief Investment Officer of Orion, for a live discussion about Biden’s new tax policy. Clifton, a top-ranked Washington analyst in the Tax and Accounting Policy category, will provide increased insight into the changes ahead, including how similar tax policies have historically impacted the economy and the markets.

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Performance Series: Part 1 – Understanding the TWR Calculation

Event Description: Want to take a deeper dive into Orion’s most common performance calculation? Join our Performance Training Architect to gain a better understanding of how Time-Weighted Return is calculated in Orion. We’ll also show you how to easily gather key data points directly from the system, and will break the calculation down for you using simplified mathematics!

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Beacon Roundtable

Event Description: Beacon weaves together enterprise wealth firm leaders and marketplace solution providers, along with current experience case studies to draw out critical thinking and uplift awareness for their attendees. Orion’s, George Svagera SVP of Business Development and Ryan Donovan SVP of Business Development will be joining the Compliance, Operational Excellence, and Firm Leadership discussions. Click HERE for more information!

Pershing Insite

Event Description: Pershing is excited to bring together top clients, advisors, industry leaders, and sponsors to discuss financial trends, news, and business opportunities during this unprecedented time. Orion’s Todd Bertucci, SVP of National Sales, Jeff Kliewer, Senior Product Manager, and Eddie Sempek, SVP of Strategic Relationships will be speaking about the rapidly evolving wealth management landscape and Orion’s process to leverage the right technology fiduciary framework to create powerful client experiences. Click HERE for more information!