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On Demand Events

On Demand Events

Miss out on a recent webinar? No problem — all our past webinars are available to you on demand, 24-7.

War Room: Inflation + Energy

Event Description: The perilous change in market tone is being felt in many asset classes due to inflation – but not energy. Two years after negative crude oil prices, Americans are driving (and shopping) more than expected. Prices are definitely on the rise with CPI now at 7.5%. Join us as we refresh our Inflation scenario and assess Charlie Munger’s comparing it to nuclear war, in the next HiddenLevers War Room.

On Demand

3 Proven Tactics to Guide Your Clients Through Market Volatility

Event Description: During times of market volatility, clients tend to feel on edge. Now is the time to demonstrate your value to help ease their concerns – and communication is key to this. Radio silence from their advisors is a big pain point for investors. While it may seem obvious to you, your clients want to know that you’re on top of market events and that you have a plan for their portfolio. We’ve packed a lot of great information into this webinar, starting off with a review of the markets with Orion’s Chief Investment Officer, Tim Holland, CFA. During this webinar, you will also: 1. Get communication tips on what you need to say to clients, when to say it, and more 2. Understand the importance of having a sound financial plan during volatile times and how to communicate that to clients 3. See how successful RIAs use HiddenLevers to gauge risk tolerance, create durable portfolios, and set client expectations before and during market volatility. If you like what you see during this webinar, you can take advantage of special pricing on some of the tools we cover.

On Demand

2022 Quantum Leap & Wealth Management Combine

Event Description:  Orion is proud to support the Centaurus Quantum Leap Workshop and Wealth Management Conference in Carlsbad, CA as both an exhibiting sponsor and a content provider. Sterling Moore, VP, Regional Director for Orion will present How to Attract and Retain High Net Worth Clients.

Equitable Advisors Investment Practice Forum

Event Description: Orion is proud to be an ongoing supporter of the Equitable Advisors Investment Practice Forum as both an exhibiting sponsor and a content provider. On February 10, Dr. Daniel Crosby will be on the main stage to share insights on The Advisor’s Greatest Value.

HiddenLevers War Room: Fed Roulette

Event Description: With 10y + Crude Oil now at pre-pandemic highs, you’d guess investors would be more optimistic in the new year, but no. The growth to value narrative is busted and all eyes are on the Fed to tame 7% inflation – without setting off the recessionary tripwires. 1. Is the Fed action priced in, or will it trigger a further sell-off? 2. Has inflation peaked? 3. Why are banks tanking as rates rise? Join us as we narrow the unusually wide range of outcomes for potential Fed action, and assess whether the NASDAQ’s pain ends at 10%, in the next HiddenLevers War Room.

On Demand

Using Data to Deliver Planning with MoneyGuide & Orion

Event Description: Advisors can now connect MoneyGuide’s financial plans with Orion’s Client Portal investment performance data to better understand how their proposed strategies affect their clients’ estate planning strategies. During this live event, hosted by MoneyGuide, you will uncover how their integration with Orion’s Client Portal makes it easier to go from plan to portfolio implementation. Plus, MoneyGuide unveils their newest solution, Wealth Studios,  and demonstrates its advanced estate planning strategies which addresses client cash flow questions prior to retirement, and models dynamic net worth over time.

On Demand

Build an Efficient Client Experience

Event Description: In times of uncertainty, clients expect more from their financial advisor. In order to go above and beyond, advisors need to ensure they have all the latest technology to deliver an outstanding digital client experience. The experience must seamlessly provide clients access to the most important elements of their financial lives in a single place. In fact, 81% of advisors agree that the client portal is the most important technology solution for improving the client experience, and accordingly, the number one area of investment for improving the client experience.* Focusing on the client experience will inherently help grow your business, create scale, and increase your firm’s value overall. But to reap those benefits, you need technology that both provides value to your clients and enhances your efficiency as an advisor, so you can spend more time growing your relationships. Join Orion’s own George Svagera, Vice President of Business Development, for an overview of the Client Portal and hear some of the biggest highlights that can be a game-changer for your firm and your clients. George will talk financial planning, account aggregation, prospecting, integrations, reporting, and more! *2019 Investment News Advisor Technology Study

On Demand

Advice Tech (Asset Map)

Event Description: An all-day live Virtual Conference showcasing the newest advisor fintech.  Join Orion’s Brian Morgan CFP and Product Director of Financial Planning, for a demo of the Orion Planning tool – Orion FP, now available for advisors to use in outreach to underserved families and individuals looking for independent financial advice and guidance