On Demand Events

On Demand Events

Miss out on a recent webinar? No problem — all our past webinars are available to you on demand, 24-7.

Performance Series: Part 1 – Understanding the TWR Calculation

Event Description: Want to take a deeper dive into Orion’s most common performance calculation? Join our Performance Training Architect to gain a better understanding of how Time-Weighted Return is calculated in Orion. We’ll also show you how to easily gather key data points directly from the system, and will break the calculation down for you using simplified mathematics!

On Demand

Beacon Roundtable

Event Description: Beacon weaves together enterprise wealth firm leaders and marketplace solution providers, along with current experience case studies to draw out critical thinking and uplift awareness for their attendees. Orion’s, George Svagera SVP of Business Development and Ryan Donovan SVP of Business Development will be joining the Compliance, Operational Excellence, and Firm Leadership discussions. Click HERE for more information!

Lincoln Financial Group & Brinker Capital Investments

Event Description: Brinker Capital Investments’ Maureen Blumenthal, Relationship Manager of National Accounts, and Ali McCarthy, PhD Head of Practice Management will be taking part in practice management discussions with LFN staff on Wednesday, June 9th from 3:45pm – 4:30pm ET. The discussions provide an opportunity to engage with staff by sharing practice management best practices, success stories, and also answer questions. Click HERE for more information!

Portfolio Recipes: The Dynamic Portfolio

Event Description: With rapid changes in the economy and markets, many investors expect that their portfolios should also adjust. After years of passive investment approaches leading the way, the markets recently shifted in favor of more active and more dynamic investment management strategies to take advantage of those changes. This month we bring you a strategist pairing and sample portfolio recipes that can help investors adapt as the world quickly changes.

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Pershing Insite

Event Description: Pershing is excited to bring together top clients, advisors, industry leaders, and sponsors to discuss financial trends, news, and business opportunities during this unprecedented time. Orion’s Todd Bertucci, SVP of National Sales, Jeff Kliewer, Senior Product Manager, and Eddie Sempek, SVP of Strategic Relationships will be speaking about the rapidly evolving wealth management landscape and Orion’s process to leverage the right technology fiduciary framework to create powerful client experiences. Click HERE for more information!

Why We Own What We Own

Event Description: Join Tim Holland, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, and Amy Magnotta, CFA, Senior Vice President, Head of Discretionary Portfolios, to learn about the third-party investment managers currently utilized in the Destination Funds, our latest asset allocation themes, and what we’re focusing on in today’s market.

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Deliver Better Investor Outcomes with Destinations

Event Description: Brinker Capital’s Destinations Portfolios are dynamic, multi-asset class solutions focused on meeting a range of investor needs and delivering better investor outcomes by helping to keep clients invested over the long term. Learn more about Brinker Capital’s dynamic yet flexible, multi-asset class investment approach, the Destinations Funds – the building blocks of Destinations Portfolios, and the potential outcomes from a dynamic portfolio.

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Capture China’s Growth and Innovation with KraneShares’ Model Portfolios

Event Description: KraneShares constructs differentiated core, strategic, and thematic model portfolios within Global, Emerging, and Chinese markets. With China playing a more critical role in the global economy, they seek to provide strategies that capture China’s importance as an essential element of a well-designed investment portfolio. Learn more about KraneShares China & EM Models available on Orion Communities.

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