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On Demand Events

On Demand Events

Miss out on a recent webinar? No problem — all our past webinars are available to you on demand, 24-7.

Market Perspectives: The Importance of Fixed Income

Event Description: As we reflect on the markets during the first quarter of 2022, a strong downturn in the fixed income market may have led some investors to question why they should continue to own bonds in their portfolios. Join Amy Magnotta, CFA, Head of Discretionary Portfolios, and Thomas K.R. Wilson, CFA, Head of Wealth Advisory, to discuss the importance of maintaining an allocation to fixed income within investment portfolios. Addressing your top-of-mind questions, we will discuss the importance of diversification with fixed income, including the topics of interest rates, the yield curve, and credit conditions. Orion Advisor Solutions and Brinker Capital Investments continuously look to provide meaningful insights and commentary to help amplify your expertise.

On Demand

Custom Performance Reports to Delight All Of Your Clients

Event Description: Performance reporting is never going to be one-size-fits-all. Your clients have varying levels of knowledge, differing priorities, different time spans, and different methods for absorbing numbers and information. One client might just want to know if they made money this past year or not, and doesn’t want to know anything else. Meanwhile, your know-it-all numbers-whiz client may want to know the Sharpe ratio for each of their sleeves. During this webinar we will go through a few different personas of investors you have likely encountered as a financial advisor. Our Head of Product, Adam Palmer, will pull together custom reports for each of these personas via Orion’s Reporting tool, and talk about the elements of the report that will be important to each person. He will also provide pointers for understanding the reporting wants and needs of your clients upfront so that when you meet with them to talk performance, you’ll have everything you need to delight and inform your clients.

On Demand

CFA Society of Philadelphia Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Event Description: Orion is proud to serve as the Gold Level Sponsor at the upcoming CFA Society of Philadelphia Diversity and Inclusion Conference. CFAP and its Women’s Advisory Committee host this annual program to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the financial services industry, and features panel discussions and expert speakers from leading organizations both in the Philadelphia area and around the country.

Finding the Perfect Match: A New Network for Transitioning Advisors

Event Description: Advisors who are thinking about breaking away or transitioning have big emotional and financial decisions ahead of them. To aid these big decisions and help advisors, we have created the Orion Network, which is an online community of elite advisors and digital marketplace to connect advisors and independent RIA firms exploring M&A opportunities. Whether you’re an established RIA looking to merge with another like-minded firm to gain scale, or you’re an individual advisor or breakaway broker looking to join an existing firm, the Orion Network can help connect firms and facilitate introductions. In this webinar, we are bringing in two members of our network, Mariner Wealth Advisors and The Financial Services Network, who are recruiting new advisors this year. Brian Leitner and Tom Croxton will engage in a Q&A session with Orion’s Josh Benson covering topics on the key to success for transitioning advisors, what advisors should consider as they weigh the decision of tucking under another firm, and more information on their perspective of the industry today and moving forward.

On Demand

HiddenLevers War Room – March 2022

Event Description: As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, it is exposing significant cracks in the globalized economy. China and India continue to buy Russian oil, while Saudi Arabia could be close to pricing oil contracts in Yuan against long-standing U.S. commitments. Even good goals like supply-chain resilience or energy independence necessitate a world order reset (and higher prices). Topics include – 1) Is the Russia-Ukraine conflict priced into markets? 2) Will China remain neutral? 3) Is the world in a period of deglobalization? Join us as we introduce a new scenario on the quickly de-globalizing economy, and consider the impact of a Russian bond default, in the next HiddenLevers War Room.

On Demand

The Downside Protection Portfolio Recipe

Event Description: Would you expect a portion of your portfolio to be actively managed during periods of market volatility? Given one of the worst starts to the stock market in years, combined with high equity valuations, and rising interest rates, many advisors and investors are looking for active portfolio strategies that can adjust and potentially provide some level of downside portfolio protection if the stock market remains rocky. Having a tactical investment portfolio strategy can help make the right changes to asset or risk allocations, to actively adjust for changing market conditions. We look for these tactical strategies to manage risk, investor behavior, or over time, provide a superior risk-adjusted performance. Common characteristics of many tactical strategies include using signals to drive market exposures in an attempt to limit losses during severe drops and to potentially outperform during these sustained drops. In this month’s Portfolio Recipes webinar, we present two long-standing strategists on the OPS platform with historical records in successfully managing tactical asset allocation strategies Toews Asset Management and Ocean Park Asset Management.

On Demand

2022 Client One Summit

Event Description: Orion is proud to support the ClientOne Securities Summit as an exhibiting sponsor and content provider, where Brett Leach, Regional Vice President will be presenting on How to Attract and Retain High Net Worth Clients. Every year, the Client One team gathers to rekindle relationships, explore new opportunities, and collaborate with registered representatives and advisors.

An Insider Look: The Exponentially Growing Orion Client Portal

Event Description: The client experience is one area that you can’t afford to skimp on. Your clients are at the center of everything you do, so it’s imperative that you have a Client Portal that meets their needs and expectations. As we see incredible growth rates of the Orion Client Portal, come and see what you are missing out on! Brian Morgan, CFP® will provide a demo of the Orion Client Portal, including our advisors’ favorite features such as best-in-class integrations, performance reporting, and financial planning, and our newer features such as the mobile app, newsfeed, and automatically uploading custodian statements. Brian will be available to take your Client Portal questions and share investor-facing resources that make switching to the Orion Client Portal easy peasy. *Based on a study of Orion Client Portal and Orion Planning firm usage from March 2020 to March 2022

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