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Orion Portfolio Solutions enables you to deliver an exceptional client experience by seamlessly integrating intuitive technology, flexible investment options, and hands-on support in one cohesive, open architecture solution.

Tech-Enabled TAMP

Your Open Architecture Platform for Growth

Proposal Generation

Build well-diversified portfolios with supported proposal generation that guides you through risk assessment, investment selection, and portfolio delivery.

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Proposal Generation


Complete household level rebalancing, sleeve maintenance, and efficiently process with direct integration to multiple custodians.

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Get fully customizable, easy-to-use and actionable reporting for your entire book of business.

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Improve cashflows and support your business growth with monthly automated fee billing.

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Orion Planning

Connect your clients’ financial goals with investment performance data to create actionable plans that help secure their now — and their future.

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Orion Planning

Client Experience

Enhance transparency, trust, and engagement with clients through an easy-to-use, customizable client portal and mobile app.

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Client Portal
Streamline Wealth Management

Deliver Exceptional Outcomes

Access the flexible investment options your clients expect and you need to fuel your firm’s success.


Access leading strategists and get full flexibility to create well-diversified investment portfolios and make more personalized investment decisions for your clients.

UMA Portfolios

Build and manage well-diversified UMA portfolios with a simplified investment process that helps you identify client expectations, demonstrate the role of diversification in the portfolio, and select investments that are positioned to align with client expectations across multiple market scenarios.

Proprietary Investments

Help your clients achieve their goals with proprietary investments designed to deliver better outcomes from Brinker Capital Investments.

Advisor as a Portfolio Manager

Bring your unique investment philosophy to life with access to more than 2,700 no load or load waived funds and a robust trading platform.

Custom Indexing

Manage tax-efficient, personalized portfolios at scale through a tech-enabled, competitively priced solution. Easily bring proactive tax management to every client through cost-effective and customized portfolios at the touch of a button.

High-Net-Worth Program

Attract and serve high-net-worth investors by partnering closely with our dedicated SMA strategists for fully custom portfolio design and client service.
Ranked #1 TAMP for

Best Technology

by America's Best TAMPs 2023.¹
Our Investment Philosophy

Empowering Financial Advisors and Investors

We empower financial advisors with customizable investment solutions that help investors pursue and achieve their long-term goals. Our core investment principles guide what we do every day.

Portfolio Construction

Keep Investors Invested

To build wealth, capital must be invested — and stay that way.

Institutional Due Diligence

Deep, curated due diligence helps build confident portfolios.

Multi-Asset Class Approach

Build portfolios by risk-managing a blend of assets to enhance performance.

Safeguard for Tomorrow

Align investors’ needs with their goals with robust due diligence, risk management, and behavioral finance.

Choosing the Right Tamp
Free Resource: Whitepaper

How to Choose the Right TAMP

Advisors looking to grow, compete, and succeed can benefit by working with a TAMP, but how do you decide what is the best choice for your clients, staff, and business?  

We walk you through how to evaluate the available technology and investment options available to your firm and identify the one best suited to support long-term growth. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • Current trends in the TAMP space
  • Considerations for choosing the right TAMP
  • The benefits of outsourcing
Advisor Walking
Hands-On and Here for You

Robust Support at Every Step

Partner with a team of Investment Specialists to help design, implement, and manage customized solutions for each investor.

Our support is designed to help make growing your advisory business easier — including providing a seamless onboarding experience, guidance to help you find the right investment options, the technology to streamline your tedious administrative tasks, and a dedicated, experienced team to solve your daily challenges.

Grow better with the support you need to succeed.

Advisor Academy
Bolster Your BeFi Skills

Learn to Grow with Orion Advisor Academy

Grow your business and earn CE credit with free, on-demand practice management and behavioral finance courses from Orion.

It’s Time to Turn On Growth

Do what you do best — we’ll do the rest, powered by the #1 TAMP Voted for Best Technology.¹ Contact us to get started.

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¹Source: 2023 America’s Best TAMPs – Best Technology and Best Model Market Marketplace. 

Orion Portfolio Solutions (“OPS”) was selected as a winner for America’s Best TAMPs 2023 in the categories of Best Technology and Best Model Marketplace. Each TAMP (“Provider”) included in America’s Best TAMPs 2023 is based on the results presented of an independent survey of all Wealth Advisor subscribers. The methodology used for this independent survey of The Wealth Advisor’s registered subscribers was deployed on December 26th and closed on December 29, 2022. The survey uncovered advisor familiarity and overall satisfaction covering three categories set forth for the 27 of the TAMP solution providers nominated. The winners and full survey results were published in the 2023 edition of America’s Best TAMPs and released on January 3, 2023. Each TAMP provider paid the same sponsorship fee to be listed in America’s Best TAMP’s. Sponsorship fee has no tie-in or connection to survey results. The fee entitles providers to also receive marketing services from The Wealth Advisor. Providers have no affiliation with The Wealth Advisor.

Orion Portfolio Solutions, LLC, an Orion Company, is a registered investment advisor.

This information is prepared for general information only. It does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, and the particular needs of any specific person. This material does not constitute any representation as to the suitability or appropriateness of any security, financial product or instrument. There is no guarantee that investment in any program or strategy discussed herein will be profitable or will not incur loss. Investors should seek financial advice regarding the appropriateness of investing in any security or investment strategy discussed or recommended and should understand that statements regarding future prospects may not be realized. Investors should note that security values may fluctuate and that each security's price or value may rise or fall. Accordingly, investors may receive back less than originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Individual client accounts may vary.