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Choose Your Own Planetary Flight Plans

Expanding on the fun, education, and experience of Redtail University, ALIGN U events are here to help financial professionals from every corner of the galaxy in making sure that you become experts on the instruments in your spacecraft and have a perfect flight plan to build cosmic connections with your clients!

Featuring one-day and two-day missions to explore Planet Redtail or Planet Orion separately, or a two-day Best of Both Worlds mission that does a bit of both, ALIGN U is a supernova-sized event to cover all you want to learn about Redtail products, Orion Advisor Technology, or both! Join our Align U rocketeers (Trainers, to you Earthlings) and have your minds filled with actionable guides to maximize your office, see the latest updates and functions, learn from your peers on how they navigate their own galaxies, or sign up for one-one-one consultations on Redtail and Orion products throughout your stay!

Planet Redtail

Choosing the journey to Planet Redtail gives you the option to select a one-day or two-day adventure. Day One features everyone's favorite, Redtail University, where you can also choose between Implement and Strategy missions. We recommend Implement to newer explorers (users for less than 1 year), one person offices, or office staff. Likewise, Strategy is recommended for more seasoned space rangers (users of 2+ years), office managers, or advisors with staff.

Meanwhile, Day Two will offer brand new content for all explorers of Planet Redtail, focusing on powerful tools such as Redtail Speak and Redtail Imaging, new integration possibilities with tools such as Orion Proposals and Client Portal, and brand new strategic discussions based around Workflows and Calendar syncing.

Planet Redtail Agenda 

Planet Orion

The adventures on Planet Orion are plentiful! Explorers can choose between one-day and two-day missions. Day One on Planet Orion is an exploration of four of our most popular Orion features with Deep Dive Workshops. These workshops are a mix of presentation and discussion, designed to give you a thorough understanding along with tips, tricks and best practices for implementing the technology in your practice!

Then, on Day Two, Planet Orion is all about those on their maiden Orion voyage — or whose spacecraft may be a little rusty — our Orion 101 track will give you a solid base of knowledge of the core components of our technology. Blast off with us as we explore the cosmos of data maintenance, quarter-end processes, powerful reporting, and more!

Planet Orion Agenda

The Best of Both Worlds

If you’re a user of both Redtail AND Orion products, you can choose to explore The Best of Both Worlds in a unique, two-day adventure that visits BOTH Planet Redtail and Planet Orion. Day One will be a full Redtail University experience. Pick your track, Implement or Strategy, and journey with us through all the ins and outs of how to use the industry-leading Redtail CRM.

Day Two of your Best in Both Worlds adventure will bring you in for a stop on Planet Orion, featuring Orion 101 content to set you up with a solid foundation of knowledge of the core components of our technology — from database set up and maintenance, reporting, billing and more!

Best of Both Worlds Agenda

Remember, space rangers, there is no wrong mission to pick at ALIGN U! We’re confident that you’ll gain a whole universe of knowledge on how to use Redtail, Orion, or both, to help you navigate the cosmos, have your office running like a well-organized crew, and take the spacecraft that is your practice to set out to discover what’s possible beyond the stars.

*Align University events touch briefly on beginner features, but primarily focus on general intermediate and advanced applications of Redtail and Orion products. We suggest having 3-6 months of usage experience before attending.

Star Dates


Marriott O'Hare Chicago

Align University
June 25-26, 2024



Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Align University
August 20-21, 2024

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Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Align University
November 12-13, 2024

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Presenters brought good energy and humor for the most part. Not a dry lecture at all. Good job!

Jason, RTU Kansas City Attendee

Having two presenters really kept things moving and kept the energy flowing. Great content.The RT team going through the room to answer individual questions was great!

Cheryl, RTU Atlanta Attendee

Face to face training like this is really invaluable, and so helpful to truly absorb the information and ask questions on the spot.

Babette, Orion Nashville Attendee

Additional Training Opportunities

Looking for more opportunities to learn? Prepare to become a power user by exploring all of our additional educational resources that we offer to our users.


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