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Finally show clients the impacts of changes to their portfolio in real-time. Powered by the #1 all-in-one software program¹ used by advisors. 

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Orion Compare

Do you struggle to clearly demonstrate how portfolio changes affect your clients' financial goals? Problem, solved. 

Backed by BeFi and optimized with AI, this first-of-its-kind technology makes it easier and more efficient than ever for you to help your clients understand the direct impact of portfolio changes. Tasks that took multiple people across your firm hours to complete can now be done in one integrated dashboard — all in just a few clicks, giving you presentation-ready portfolio scenarios in a matter of minutes.

Portfolio Comparison
End-to-End Experience

Answer Every “What If?”

Seamlessly combine portfolio accounting valuation, cost basis information, risk analytics, and integrated decision-making trading workflows to generate AI-driven narratives you can share with your clients to help them make informed decisions based on their goals and objectives with Orion’s new Compare Tool.

Portfolio Comparison

Streamlined Workflows

Consolidate every cumbersome task tied to change requests. Streamline intricate processes linked to rebalancing, risk alignment, and cash management by generating proposed portfolio decisions in one seamless, unified experience that slashes the time it takes to implement investment modifications.

Portfolio Comparison

Embedded BeFi & AI

Cultivate richer, more meaningful client conversations by providing a customized, AI-assisted explanation of the impact of proposed changes to their portfolio.​ Generate personalized, presentation-ready narratives rooted in behavioral finance and fully-tailored to your client’s level of knowledge.

Portfolio Comparison

Easily Show Scenarios

Run existing investment portfolios through potential, real-life scenarios, providing options for accomplishing goals or making adjustments before any changes are executed.​ Demonstrate the potential effects of portfolio decisions, including risk factors, tax implications, alignment or allocation changes — and easily check your saved scenarios against each other.

Portfolio Comparison

Unparalleled Analytics

Get actionable, comparative analytics and a robust rebalancing engine to inform your investment decisions based on risk tolerance, allocations, tax implications and other key factors —​ all powered by your data from Orion’s Portfolio Accounting tool, Orion Risk Intelligence, Orion Planning and Orion’s BeFi20 tool.


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Get an exclusive glimpse into the future of wealth technology as we unveil the key themes that will shape our 2024 roadmap. At Orion, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with advisors as we collectively revolutionize the advisor-client experience.

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Your questions, answered. Find out everything you need to know about when and how you can access this first-of-its-kind advisor tech.

When will Orion Compare become available?

Orion Compare was released at the Ascent 2024 conference on March 12-15, 2024.

Who will have access to Orion Compare?

The tool will be accessible to all advisors using Orion Advantage.

What data does the tool leverage?

The tool utilizes data from your Orion Advantage Stack, including Portfolio Accounting, Orion Risk Intelligence, Orion Trading, Redtail CRM, Orion Communities Model Marketplace — all supported by the full might of our advisor tech platform to provide a comprehensive view for you and your clients.

Orion Stacks
Part of Orion Advantage

One Integrated UX. One Agreement. All the Power of Orion.

Accessible through Portfolio View within the Advisor Portal, Orion Compare will be released as part of the Orion Advantage Stack — the newest way for you to seamlessly connect all the tools you need to propel productivity, delight your clients, and grow your firm. Say goodbye to silos, and hello to scalable growth.

Exceed Every Expectation

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¹Source: T3 Inside Information Software Survey, 2024. Orion has #1 Market Share for CRM, Portfolio Accounting, and All-In-One Software Programs.

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