Don’t Just Get to Know Your Clients.
Introduce Them to Themselves.

Today’s investors expect more than a transaction; they want a relationship. Show how your firm merges EQ and IQ with Orion’s latest BeFi tool — BeFi20.

Client Connections Built on Feelings and Facts

Build Client Connections with Feelings and Facts

This shareable, app-based assessment, developed by Orion’s Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Daniel Crosby, provides you with emotional and attitudinal insights on your clients to facilitate more meaningful investing conversations from day one.

Meet the BeFi20 Financial Personas

Each of the potential BeFi20 Financial Personas your clients may get as their result gives an overview of how they feel about money, plus the potential strengths and weaknesses inherent in their personality type. Every persona provides a jumping-off point for meaningful conversation to begin.

Persona: Direct Communicator

Direct communicators are comfortable sharing their thoughts on most topics — including money. Their ability to talk about challenging subjects can be a great strength, and their candor makes them easy to get to know.

Persona: Indirect Communicator

Indirect Communicators communicate to keep the peace, choose their words carefully, and are aware of how their speech impacts others. Their harmonious communication style is accommodating of others, and they are careful not to overshare.

Persona: Financial Optimist

Financial Optimists are confident people who expect the best out of both life and people. Their low-stress attitude makes them a pleasant companion. They find that life generally rises to meet their positive expectations.

Persona: Financial Pragmatist

Financial Pragmatists are practical people who understand that anticipating risk is one of the best ways to prepare against it. They like to be prepared for anything and may worry about their financial future during times of uncertainty.

Persona: Saver

Savers view money primarily as a tool to secure peace of mind. They are consistent in setting aside funds for tomorrow and understand that freedom is the greatest thing that money can buy.

Persona: Savor-er

Savor-ers know that life is short and view money primarily as a way to live in the moment. They work hard for their money and want to enjoy it today with the people who matter to them.

Persona: Protector

Protectors are self-sufficient, dependable and have high expectations of themselves and others. They value responsibility greatly and have a financial worldview that prizes grit and determination.

Persona: Giver

Givers are charitable, giving, and eager to share with those who are less fortunate. They see money as a powerful tool for collective good and use it to shape the kind of world they want to live in.

Persona: Minimizer

To Minimizers, money is required to meet life’s needs but is not central to their concept of self. They understand that a person’s wealth has little bearing on their personal character and look to make their mark in different ways.

Persona: Maximizer

To Maximizers money is a sign of intelligence and diligence. It is one of the keys to a good life and should be pursued both for what it can do and for what it says about them.

How Orion BeFi20 Works

Step 1

Turn on BeFi20 within the Firm Settings Tab. You can also enable or disable BeFi20 by default for all clients in My Settings.


Step 2

Decide who would benefit from Befi20. Think that’s everyone? We agree! You can grant access to all clients and prospects.

BeFi20 Notification

Step 3

Let your clients and prospects know that BeFi20 is here to help them gain greater financial self-knowledge.

Step 4

Use the dedicated BeFi20 workflow within the Client Settings tab to proactively send a link or email inviting them to walk through the assessment.

Redtail Campaign Workflow

Step 5

Receive a notification with their results as soon as your connection completes the 20 questions.

Decide who would benefit from Befi20

Step 6

Schedule time to follow up. With a deeper understanding of their feelings around money, it’s sure to be a meaningful conversation!

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Dr. Daniel Crosby
Dr. Daniel Crosby

The Science Behind Orion BeFi20

Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist, a New York Times bestselling author, and the Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion.

BeFi20 is built upon years of Dr. Crosby’s research and expertise on the intersection between finance and psychology. It empowers advisors to put behavioral finance tools into the hands of clients — literally.

To learn more about his work, catch Dr. Crosby in conversation with other BeFi experts focused on the Standard Deviations podcast.

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