Expand Your Offering

Leverage our comprehensive investment model marketplace for unprecedented access to leading strategist models for fixed income, equities, and alternatives. 

With greater investment options spanning brand, boutique, and emerging strategists, easily make more personalized investment decisions specific to each client’s risk tolerance and goals, at scale.

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Customization in a Click

Scale Your Investments

Easily build and manage more robust, personalized portfolios for your clients with models from leading institutional strategists.

Quality and Quantity

Take advantage of the extensive investment research already performed on vetted strategists.

Save Time Trading

Assign models in Orion’s trading tools in seconds.

Maintain Full Control

Retain full trading authority to accept or deny strategist model changes.

Personalize with Ease

Create blended models through a combination of third-party or in-house strategies.

How It Works

Subscribe in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Review strategists through advanced filters like model theme and risk score.

Step 2

Agree to strategist terms and subscribe to the desired model(s).¹ Then, update any portfolio(s) in Orion’s trading tools with the strategist model(s).

Step 3

Rebalance your portfolio(s) with the strategist model(s).

Step 4

Automatically receive strategist allocation updates to be accepted or denied.

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Technology Fuels Growth:
Orion’s 2023 State of the Advisor

Wealthtech is advancing at a record pace. It’s a constant challenge to keep technology current with clients’ expectations, while managing costs responsibly.

To help you understand and capitalize on the latest iterations available to advisors, we’ve researched topics like artificial intelligence (AI), the latest trends in client-facing technology and integrations and studied the ways in which firms are investing in technology. We’ve surveyed hundreds of advisors asking about their expectations for the coming year and beyond. 

Download our 2023 State of the Advisor to help you better serve your clients and grow your businesses this year — and beyond.

Orion Custom Indexing
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Customize at Scale.
Add Revenue. Click Once.

Manage tax-efficient, personalized portfolios at scale through a tech-enabled, competitively-priced solution.

Optimize Investment Management

Transform your investment management process with leading third-party strategist models designed to help you deliver better outcomes and scale with ease.

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1Source: Some strategists may charge for use of their models.

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