Our Vision

We believe the advisor-client journey is the foundation for a successful advisory business, and we’ve made it our mission to transform the way that journey unfolds.

Natalie Wolfsen 2023 Photo

Here at Orion, we are oriented completely around the advisors and the enterprises that serve them. If you've made choices about your CRM or the financial planning system you're using or how you want to capture and utilize your data, our job is to meet you where you are — where you need us. Whether it's with our powerful technology, our wide range of solutions and services in wealth management, our incredible depth in behavioral finance, or more, I want to make sure that those things all work together so that you're confident that you are building portfolios that help your clients meet their unique vision of success.

— Natalie Wolfsen, Chief Executive Officer



Independent Advisor Looking out at Opportunities

Prospect. Plan.
Invest. Achieve.

Our vision is driven by four pillars of success — Prospect, Plan, Invest, Achieve — that will lead your firm to build a long-lasting, future-ready business.



The Fiduciary Flywheel

Your Pillars to Success

When embraced fully, Orion’s proven process will be a catalyst for deeper advisor-client relationships, increased growth potential and ultimately the ability for our advisors to realize their unique vision for success.


Drive organic growth through client acquisition and engagement activities connected seamlessly to the financial planning process.

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Engage investors in a modern and collaborative goals-led financial planning experience to enable the delivery of holistic advice.

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Connect investment strategies and products directly to investors’ unique financial goals and plans.

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Access the tools and insights you need to show the value you’ve created in your client relationships and ultimately grow your business.

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Tech Leaders

Success Looks Different For Every Firm

Orion’s complete, modular suite of solutions empowers you to choose the tech you need to achieve your firm’s vision for success.

For Advisors

Access innovative technology that pushes the limits of your achievements and operationalize your vision for years to come.

For Institutions

Experience a truly comprehensive, unified wealth management platform, enabling you to operate with the level of independence that's right for you.

For Investors

Offer real-time access to investment data and transparency into how you're tracking your client's long-term financial stability.