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Manage tax-efficient, personalized portfolios at scale through the only tech-enabled solution that gives you proposal generation, trading and reporting in one place. From tax-loss harvesting and tax transitioning to ESG, easily offer high-value, professionally managed portfolios customized according to the unique needs, values and goals of your clients — and save up to 46 hours per high-net-worth account every year.¹

Create Truly Personalized Client Portfolios
Direct Indexing Done Right

Create Truly Personalized Client Portfolios

Add value to client returns, reduce taxes, and scale your practice, saving up to 46 hours per high-net-worth account, per year.¹

Deliver Flexible, Tax Efficient Strategies

Access proactive and ongoing tax loss harvesting, tax-effective transitions, and set capital gains budgets.

Customize the Investing Experience

Align portfolios with your client’s personal needs or beliefs, including ESG, SRI, and faith-based screening, concentrated positions and meet sector/industry preferences.

Grow Your Business

Partner with CFA Credentialed Portfolio Managers to optimize and monitor client portfolios on a continuous basis at a lower cost. Attract high-net-worth clients by delivering proactive tax management, ultimately growing your bottom line.

Streamline to Scale

Streamline trading and reporting by implementing Orion Custom Indexing via a sleeved account at the custodian of your choice. Eliminate the need for time consuming processes through ongoing tax-loss harvesting and optimize against benchmark indexes.

Be Part of the

$800 Billion


Easily offer high-value, tax-efficient portfolios that are customized according to the unique needs, values and goals of your clients with the only solution that brings together everything you need to tap into a bigger opportunity.

Nominated for Best Technology Provider, Direct Indexing by the Wealthies.³

Set Your Firm Apart

How it Works

Start with the selection of a target investment mandate that aligns most closely with your client’s values, goals, and objectives. With an objective established, we customize your portfolio for tax transitions, tax management, security restrictions, and environmental, social and corporate governance restrictions.

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What You Need to Know

Unlock Tax Opportunities

Explore how tax loss harvesting enables you to use holdings that are experiencing declines to offset the capital gains tax from those that are experiencing gains.

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Customize in a Click

Save time and streamline trading, reporting, and account maintenance by implementing custom indexing when you leverage Orion's premier technology suite.

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Tech that Gives You the Edge

Scale your practice with the power of Orion’s Custom Indexing technology, including generating a customized proposal in under five minutes. Our solution is the only one out there that combines proposal generation, trading, and reporting all in one.

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Tech that Gives You an Edge

See it in Action

Forget what you know about traditional direct indexing and watch our webinar to see the disruptive power of Orion’s new Custom Indexing Advisor Tool in action. You’ll walk away empowered to provide clients with the personalization that they crave.

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See it in Action

of investors agree that taxes can eat at their portfolio the same way volatility can.⁴


of investors believe their advisor should be focused on minimizing their tax obligations.⁴


Hours saved per high-net-worth account, per year, with Orion Custom Indexing.¹

Preview of Orion Custom Indexing Case Study

Elevating Value: Orion + Private Advisor Group

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Free Resource: Whitepaper

Direct Indexing: Delivering Personalization at Scale

Direct indexing has typically been limited to large portfolios due to the time, complexity and costs involved. That time is over. Learn about the technology evolution driving this movement and access insights from top advisors.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to leverage direct indexing technology to:

  • Bring scale to your operations
  • Differentiate your firm
  • Better serve and attract clients
Orion Stacks
Introducing Orion Advantage

One Integrated UX. One Agreement. All the Power of Orion.

Orion Custom Indexing is now part of the Orion Advantage Stack, the newest way for you to seamlessly connect all the tools you need to propel productivity, delight your clients, and grow your firm. 

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Customization driven by you. Expert guidance and support from us. All fueled by the #1 All-in-One Software Program used by advisors.

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