November 2023

Client Portal: Schwab Alliance SSO (11/3)

Schwab Alliance SSO

  • Simplify user experience by allowing end-investors to SSO directly into Schwab Alliance from Orion's client portal!

  • Smoothly transition from Orion's client portal to Schwab's end-investor portal with ease.

Screenshot of Schwab Alliance SSO

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Charles Schwab Alliance Icon on left-hand panel > click “Launch Schwab Alliance” button > Follow further instructions from Schwab
How to enable: Client Experience app > Settings > Integration > Schwab Alliance SSO > ON


Compliance: New Categories on Orion Compliance Personal Trades (11/10)

New Additional Categories on Orion Compliance Personal Trades

  • Gain more comprehensive oversight over personal trades! 

  • Select more than one Category to import Personal Trades into Orion Compliance from Orion Connect (for example, Employee and Compliance).

How to enable: Orion Connect > Orion Compliance> Personal Trades > Trade Setting > Client Trade Settings


Compliance: Enhanced Electra Transaction View Options (11/3)

Enhanced Electra Transaction View Options

  • View all or limited transaction data from your Electra feed with the flexibility to tailor transaction data viewing preferences:

    • Limited Transactions: Buy and Sell Exchange transactions only

    • All Transactions: Includes all transaction types

  • Filter transactions from your view to enhance the clarity of the transaction data, and streamline operations to gain a clearer understanding of financial activities.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Compliance > Global Settings > Edit Features > Trading


Compliance: Pull in Next-Day Trades (11/3)

Pull In Next Day Trades

  • Bring in client and personal trades the following business day to access more up-to-date data in your compliance workflow resulting in enhanced data accuracy!

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Compliance > Personal Trading > Trade Settings > Trade Options


Portfolio Interactions: Deactivation Policies Tool in Manage Users (11/3)

New Deactivation Policies Tool in Manage Users

  • Keep your logins up-to-date and your database secure! Set the number of days since a user’s last login before their login is automatically deactivated or deleted. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Manage Users > Deactivation Policies
How to enable: Orion Connect > Manage Users > Advisors > Edit Role > enable "Deactivation Policy" privilege > Save.
Knowledge Article: Manage Users App Overview


Reporting: Streamline Prep for Client Meetings With Report Packages (11/3)

Streamline Preparation for Client Meetings with Report Packages

  • This feature runs and compiles multiple reports into a unified package (PDF) with a single cover page and table of contents.

  • Decrease your prep time for client meetings with a few clicks from one screen instead of running multiple individual reports.

  • Build and save Report Packages for different types of clients and run them on demand.

The new Report Packages functionality provides a fast and easy way to run multiple reports for a single client as one unified PDF. You can even create and save Report Packages ahead of time for different types of clients and run them on demand!
All users that currently have Report Builder (RB3) editing rights will see a new Report Packages button in the Reporting app next to the “Create Report” button.
Users who do not currently have RB3 editing rights and Rep-level users will need the following Manage Users privilege enabled for them or their role to utilize Report Packages.

How to enable: Manage Users > Privileges > Apps > Reporting > Report Packages 
How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Reports > Create Report Package (new button next to Create Report)
Knowledge Article: Report Packages - Generate Multiple Reports for a Client as One PDF


Trading: Eclipse Account Details and Portfolio Details Pages Update (11/13)

Eclipse Account Details and Portfolio Details Pages Updating to Popup Windows

To better align with Orion Connect and provide a more consistent user experience, we are updating the Account Details and Portfolio Details pages in Eclipse to display in popup windows. 

As part of this change, the Account Details search in the left navigation menu of Eclipse will be removed. The “Looking for something” entry field in the header will remain as the universal search field in Eclipse.

The Account Details popup will be enabled in Eclipse beginning 11/13; the Portfolio Details page will be upgraded to a popup for all firms over the next few weeks.

How to get there: Eclipse > Accounts > Right-click an account > Select View or Edit Details


Trading: Eclipse Money Market Only Rebalance (11/3)

Eclipse Money Market Only Rebalance

  • Run a money market-only rebalance to balance money market positions without requiring a full rebalance.

  • This is a great option to use after creating non-rebalance trades, such as trade to target, to ensure money market holdings are on target post-trade. 

  • The logic simply looks at free cash vs. money market cash and creates the necessary trades to bring money market holding(s) to target. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade Tools > Rebalancer > Rebalance Type = Money Market Rebalance 


Trading: Manually Trade/Edit Money Market Holdings in Tactical Tool (11/3)

Manually Trade and Edit Money Market Holdings in the Tactical Tool

  • Manually create, edit, and delete money market trades within the tactical tool so that money market trades function just like any other mutual fund. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade Tools > Tactical Tool


October 2023

Billing: Simplify Fee Collection for Goldman Sachs (10/6)

Simplify Management Fee Collection with New Goldman Sachs Fee File Format

  • This new fee file simplifies collecting management fees for Goldman Sachs!  

  • Please reach out to the SME Billing team with your GS Advisor House Number if this is applicable to your database.


Client Portal: Aggregate Fidelity Accounts Through Akoya (10/13)

Account Aggregation for Fidelity Accounts Now Available through Akoya

  • Easily bring in data aggregated and balance only Fidelity accounts into the Orion Client Portal via Akoya.

  • You and your clients can clearly see their fully reconciled or balance-only Fidelity Access accounts within the Orion Client Portal.

  • This integration with Akoya empowers you to effortlessly consolidate, report on and analyze your client’s complete financial picture.

 How to get thereClient Portal/Orion Planning > “+ Add Account” > Log in to Fidelity Access

Knowledge Article: How to Link Akoya Accounts to Orion


Compliance: Orion Compliance Multi-Tenants (10/27)

Orion Compliance Multi-Tenants 

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness by centralizing all portfolio data into one Orion instance and customizing the experience for different RIAs and offices associated with your firm.

  • Centralization streamlines data management and ensures consistency, making it easier to adhere to compliance and supervision rules specific to each RIA/office.

  • Enjoy a complete end-to-end workflow that includes dynamic calculations for key metrics like ADV and AUM, and comprehensive on-demand reporting. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Compliance > Client Portal > ADV Overview
How to enable: Review your Orion Advantage Stacks package and reach out to Sales for further information. 


Data Reconciliation: Bring Accounts Into Orion Through Akoya (10/6)

New Akoya Held Away Data Feed

  • Use Akoya’s API-based feed to bring your held-away Fidelity and TransAmerica accounts into Orion Connect or Orion Planning! 

  • Employ balance-only aggregation to bring accounts into the Client Portal via Akoya.

  • Link the accounts to become reconcilable and enable performance analysis, report generation, and billing on the accounts!

How to Enable for Financial Planning: Contact SME Financial Planning
How to Enable for Reconciliation: Contact SME Data Reconciliation
Knowledge Articles: Akoya FAQs & How to Link Akoya Accounts to Orion


Reporting: Mark Accounts SMA En Masse (10/6)

Mark Accounts as SMA En Masse with the Separately Managed Custom Import

  • Easily mark accounts as Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and create, update, and assign SMA Assets en masse. Separately Managed Accounts enable you to combine certain assets in an account and make it reflect as one asset in client reports and the client portal. 

Note: The Firm Profile database entity option “Allow Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)” must be enabled for your database. Please reach out to the SME Reporting team if you need to have this turned on for your database. 

  • Advisor-level users can create custom products and add new assets to accounts. 

  • Representative-level users can only use an asset that already exists in an account as the SMA Asset.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports > Separately Managed
Manage Users Privilege: Orion Connect > Manage Users > Edit Role > Privileges > Records > Separately Managed Account
Knowledge Articles: How-To and Overview: SMA Products and Assets & How-To and Overview: Custom Imports


Trading: Money Market Trading in Eclipse (10/26)

Money Market Trading in Eclipse

  • Orion's revolutionary trading platform now offers automated money market securities allocation. Set up and manage value-added interest rate exposure opportunities for their clients’ accounts, via money market fund (MMF) holdings at the click of a button, without the hassle of manual trading.

  • The rebalancer automatically creates trade orders to buy or sell custodian-specific MMFs to a specified percentage of an investor’s overall portfolio cash allocation. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Administrator > Preferences > Custodians > Money Market Trading
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Money Market Trading in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


September 2023

Billing: More Visibility for Reps in Payout Dashboard (9/8)

Enhanced Visibility for Additional Reps in the Payout Dashboard

  • Support reps - enjoy more visibility and transparency with your payables! Payout amounts associated with accounts where the Rep is assigned as an Additional Rep at the household level are now included in the Payout Dashboard grids in Advisory Fee Reports.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Payout Dashboard 


Financial Planning: Add Trusts as Estate Planning Beneficiaries (9/15)

Add Trusts as Beneficiaries for Estate Planning

  • Perform critical estate planning steps by designating revocable trusts as beneficiaries to accommodate your client’s trust-based estate plans. 

  • Guide clients through complex account titling and beneficiary designation decisions as it relates to Estate Planning. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Planning > Profile > Household Info. > Trusts > Children, Dependents & Beneficiaries


Reporting: Send Query Results to an SFTP (9/22)

Send One-Off Query Results to an SFTP

  • Immediately send query results to an FTP or SFTP after running the query!

Please Note: FTPs (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTPs (Secure File Transfer Protocol) are remote systems that you can transfer files to. To send results to an FTP or SFTP when running queries, you must provide Orion with the necessary information to establish the connection. 

If you do not currently have an FTP or SFTP setup, you must work with an IT professional or your firm’s IT team to set one up.

Preview of Sending Query Results to an SFTP

How to enable: Manage Users > Actions > Query - FTP Results

How to get there: Orion Connect > Query app > right-click on a query > Run Query > Select SFTP as the Destination for the query’s results.

Knowledge Article: How to Export a Query to a FTP or SFTP


Risk Intelligence: New Features for Rep-Level Users (9/8)

Rep Level Users have Access to More Features in Orion Risk Intelligence

  • Rep level users are now able to run proposals and view advisor subscribed Communities models and model details in Orion Risk Intelligence.

How to get there: Orion Connect > SSO into Orion Risk Intelligence > Access Communities Model Research widget in ORI 

How to enable: Manage Users > Roles > Edit Role for Rep > Records > Community Models


Trading: Model Tolerance Tool Enhancements (9/1)

Model Tolerance Tool Enhancements

  • Quickly access important data points directly in the Model Tolerance Tool in the Orders grid of Eclipse. 

    • Use Pending Values: Model Tolerance chart shows pending (post-trade) values

    • Use Current Values: Model Tolerance chart shows current (pre-trade) values

    • Set Aside Cash Target: Target set aside cash amount

Recording of Model Tolerance Tool Enhancements

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Orders > select an order > right side flyout > Model Tolerance


August 2023

Client Portal Mobile App: Auto Text Input for 2FA (8/4)

Automatic Text Input for 2-Factor Authentication

  • Easily enter an SMS code with just one click! Instead of typing each individual digit, having 2-factor authentication enabled allows you to quickly enter the code. 

  • Choose to receive a code to be sent via SMS or email when 2-factor authentication is enabled on your mobile device. 

Screenshot of Automatic Text Input Update


Mobile App: Enhanced Financial Goal Chart Colors (8/11)

Enhanced Financial Goal Chart Colors

  • Have more visual clarity when looking at funded and unfunded goals on the financial goal chart.

Screenshot of Enhanced Financial Goal Chart Colors

How to get there: Orion Mobile App > Planning > Goals 


Portfolio Interactions: Navigation Enhancements in Portfolio View (8/11)

New Navigation Enhancements in the Portfolio View

  • Experience even more intuitive navigation in the Portfolio View. With this upgrade, effortlessly access and quickly navigate to a wealth of valuable client information.

  • Now, you'll find most of your Portfolio View tabs conveniently located under the My Views dropdown, and additional tools (i.e., Planning, Risk Intelligence, etc.) live under additional dropdown menus.

Preview of Navigation Enhancements in the Portfolio View

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Portfolio View 


Reporting: 2 New Sub-Reports for Projected Income (8/4)

Not 1, but 2 new Sub-Reports to visually represent Projected Income!

  • Enhance the information shown in the existing Projected Income and Redemption table Sub-Report with two new Bar-Chart-based Sub-Reports.

  • Projected Income Bar Chart - Displays the projected income for all products.

  • Fixed Income and Redemption Bar Chart - Presents the income and redemption data for fixed-income products only.

Screenshot of New Sub-Reports for Projected Income

Please note: You must have access to edit or create reports to use these sub-reports. Please reach out to your firm's Manage User admin for information on user roles and privileges. 

How to get there:  Orion Connect > Reporting > Reports > Click on the name of a report to edit it OR click on New Report to create a new custom report. In the right sidebar, click on the Sub-Reports tab (A), expand the Standard section > then (B) drag either sub-report onto your custom report to add it: Projected Income Bar Chart OR Fixed Income and Redemption Bar Chart

Learn how Projected Income is calculated in the Knowledge Article: Projected Income and Redemption Sub-Report Overview


Trading: Updates to Right-Click Menu in Orders Grids (8/24)

Updates to the Right-Click Menu Options in the Orders Grids (Eclipse)

  • Enjoy faster clicks to process trades more efficiently. The same buttons still exist in the right-click menu for the Orders Grids, they've just been rearranged to help optimize your workflow.

Screenshot of Right-Click Menu Options Update

How to get there: Eclipse> Orders> Right-Click Order(s) 


Trading: Faster Trade Order Processing in Orion Trading (8/11)

Process All Trade Orders* in Orion Trading (Eclipse) Faster Than Ever Before

  • Efficiently move orders on the Orders Grid with the new "Process All" functionality! Please note this is only available for Firm Admin roles. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Orders > Actions > Process All (if the User's Role is a Firm Admin level Role and has "Process All" enabled)
How to enable: Eclipse > Manage Users > Roles > Locate any Firm Admin Role/Create a New Firm Admin Role > Order Management > Enable "Process All"

*Available to Firm Admins Only


Trading: Custom Imports for Quick Portfolio Updates in Orion Trading (8/4)

Quickly Update Portfolio Details via Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)

  • Update portfolio detail settings en masse using Custom Imports in Eclipse.

  • Use the Portfolio Details template to update the portfolio name, model assignment, primary team, team assignment, tags, trading instructions, and auto-rebalance cycle.

How to get there: Eclipse > Custom Imports > Portfolio Details
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


July 2023

Client Experience: Account Sidebar Enhancements in Client Portal (7/14)

Account Sidebar Enhancements in the Client Portal 

  • Elevate your client experience with a sleek new design of the account sidebar in the Client Portal.
  • Provide clarity with increased character limits on account names.
  • Streamline your view by expanding or collapsing accounts and groupings.
Screenshot of Account Sidebar Enhancements

How to get there: Client Portal > Personal Finances > Left sidebar of accounts


Data Reconciliation: Exclude Import Errors En Masse (7/14)

Exclude Custom Import Errors En Masse

  • Whether you’re utilizing a Multi Database or a Single import, exclude your import errors en masse. Say goodbye to excluding individual error rows one by one!

  • Prioritize your import needs and streamline error management. Proceed with applying your pertinent information by excluding the errors to review at a later time.

  • Enhanced flexibility! Excluding errors in bulk allows you to allocate dedicated time to review and resolve the errors at a later time allowing a more thorough analysis and resolution while prohibiting delays for the remaining information on the import.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports
Knowledge Articles:
How-To and Overview: Multi Database Custom Imports
How-To and Overview: Custom Imports


Reporting: Set a Default Cover Page for Custom Reports (7/14)

Set a Default Cover Page for all your Custom Reports

  • Setting a cover page as the default for your database ensures all new custom reports automatically use it as their cover page.

  • When a report from another database is shared with you and it's set to use the default Cover Page, it will now use the default Cover Page from your database.

  • Set separate default Cover Pages for Portrait and Landscape layout reports. When a new report is created, it will automatically choose the default cover page that matches its layout. 

Screenshot of Default Cover Page

How to Get There: Reporting App > Cover Pages. Select Edit on an existing custom cover page, or click on: New Cover Page. In the right sidebar, make sure you are in the General tab (1) and click on the checkbox next to Default Cover Page (2). Save your cover page: Actions > Save


Trading: View Import Errors and Warnings for Orion Trading (7/28)

View Errors and Warnings for Orion Trading (Eclipse) Custom Imports

  • Enhance the user experience by eliminating the need to switch between columns to view your import errors or warnings. Simply hover over the cell to view your import errors and warnings!
  • The red circle or yellow triangle provides instant feedback by indicating problematic imports without the need for additional clicks or actions.
Screenshot of Trading Errors

How to get there: Eclipse > Custom Imports > Upload spreadsheet > View data
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse) ​​​​


Trading: YTD Realized Gain/Loss Added to Portfolios Grid (7/21)

New YTD Realized Gain/Loss Column Added to Portfolios Grid

  • Use the new “YTD gain/loss” column in the All Portfolios grid in Eclipse to know where you stand with realized gain/loss values across all your portfolios. This value is also shown within Portfolio Details. 

Screenshot of Gain Loss Column

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolios > All Portfolios > Columns > YTD Realized Gain/Loss
Knowledge Article: How-To Make Custom Grid Views in Orion Trading (Eclipse) 


Trading: Process Sleeve Changes with Pending Management Fee (7/21)

Sleeve Setup: Allow Sleeve Changes to be Processed with a Pending Management Fee

  • On July 21st, logic for processing sleeves will be updated to allow sleeve changes when an account has a pending Management Fee. 

  • Other pending transactions (ex. pending buy, pending sell, etc.) will still prevent sleeve changes from being processed, but you will be able to process sleeves with a pending Management to give you more flexibility.

How to Get There: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Registrations > Sleeve Setup
Knowledge Article: Sleeves (UMAs or Unified Managed Accounts)- Overview and FAQ


Trading: Update Set Aside Cash En Masse (7/14)

Quickly Update Set Aside Cash En Masse

  • Use the Set Aside Cash – Update import to efficiently update active and non-expired Set Aside Cash at scale.

  • The Set Aside Cash record needs to be active, not expired, and match the account ID or number provided. 

Preview of Set Aside Cash En Masse

How to get there: Eclipse > Custom Imports > Set Aside Cash - Update template
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


June 2023

Billing: Complete Audits Faster with New Billing Query (6/23)

Complete an Audit Faster with a New Billing Query

  • Easily view fee schedule assignments, accounts paying for other account relationships, and asset-level billing all in the same query!

  • Use this query to ensure accuracy when auditing billing assignments to prep for quarter end, during the billing onboarding process, or after you make fee schedule or account pays for updates.  

How to get there: Orion Connect> Query> Query ID # 35453 – Pays By and Assignment Type
Knowledge Article: Most Useful Queries by Team


Client Portal: Customize Advisor Contact Information (6/23)

Customize Your Advisor Contact Information

  • Customize client communication! Better accommodate your client’s communication preferences at various levels and align the desired level of accessibility for different client groups.

  • Streamline client engagements! Use the new custom URLs and text fields to provide clients easy access to relevant resources and information, such as a calendar link, to create seamless communication and stronger client relationships.

  • Display additional representative information and improve team collaboration by customizing the title, email, and phone number of ‘Additional Reps’ to personalize service and communication.

Preview of Customized Advisor Contact Information

How to get there - Client View: Client Portal > Contact My Advisor (upper right corner)
How to enable: Orion Connect > Client Experience > Settings > Advisor > Show Advisor Info
Knowledge Article: Orion Client Portal Settings in the Client Experience App (Advisor Settings section) 


Portfolio Interactions: New Chart Options in Portfolio View (6/16)

Choose Additional Chart Options in Portfolio View

  • Enhance your data visualization! Pie, donut, and bar charts give users more versatile visual tools when reviewing client data. 

  • Different types of charts offer unique perspectives and highlight specific aspects of the portfolio, making it easy to interpret and analyze information

How to Leverage: 

Pie charts are excellent for illustrating the composition of a portfolio by displaying the percentage breakdown of various asset classes.

Asset Category Allocation Pie Chart

Donut charts provide additional information, such as comparing two different time periods or comparing the client's portfolio with a benchmark index.

Asset Category Allocation Donut

Bar charts allow for easy comparisons and rankings. Quickly identify the best-performing and worst-performing sectors, allowing you to make informed decisions about rebalancing the portfolio, adjusting sector allocations, or discussing potential changes with the client.

Asset Category Allocation Bar

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > 3 dot menu > Settings > General > Chart Configuration > Chart Type

Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Portfolio View


Portfolio Interactions: Intuitive Browsing with Application Dock (6/2)

Discover the Joy of Intuitive Browsing Using the Revamped Application Dock

  • Seamlessly navigate the Orion Connect system with the app dock on the left sidebar.

  • Set your favorite apps and quickly locate and switch apps using the search bar from anywhere in the system.

Watch this 2-minute overview video for a quick tour of the app dock and its features.

Knowledge Article: How to Customize the App Dock in Orion Connect


Reporting: Set Custom Report Themes as Default Theme Option (6/16)

Ensure Your Custom Report Theme Appears Automatically on All Reports with the New Default Theme Option

  • Apply your current database's custom theme to a report created in a different database.

  • Share reports between databases without having to deal with theming access and rules.

  • With the Default Theme set, you no longer need to manually add your branding to a standard report because it will be applied automatically.

How to Get There:
Setting a Report Theme as the Default Theme for the Database:

  • Reporting app > Report Themes
  • Create a new report theme, or click edit on an existing theme
  • Expand the General Tab (1) in the right sidebar and click Default Theme (2)
  • Actions > Save or Save and Close
Preview of Custom Report Theme

Choosing the Default Theme option in your custom report: Orion Connect > Reporting app > Create Report (or click Edit on an existing report) > Right Sidebar > General tab > Use Default


Trading: Light Mode in Orion Trading (6/16)

Try the New Light Mode Experience in Eclipse

  • Have it your way! Orion Trading (Eclipse) now has both light and dark modes. The dark mode is the system default.

Light Mode

Preview of Orion Trading Light Mode

Dark Mode

Preview of Orion Trading Dark Mode


How to get there: ​​​​​​Eclipse > Click your username in the top right corner > Theme > Light/Dark 


Trading: Delete Set Aside Cash En Masse (6/9)

Quickly Delete Set Aside Cash En Masse

  • Use the Set Aside Cash - Delete import to efficiently remove Set Aside Cash at scale.

How to get there: Eclipse> Custom Imports>  Import Templates
How to enable: Eclipse> Manage Users> Roles> Edit Role> Scroll to bottom for Custom Imports Section> Check "Advisor" or "Administrator"

Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


May 2023

Client Portal: Easily View/Report on Unassigned Account Groups (5/26)

Report on and View Unassigned Groups of Accounts More Easily

  • Easily view Unassigned accounts within Orion Planning/Client Portal when Portfolio Groups are selected as the way accounts are displayed under Personal Finances.

  • Run a report on accounts that are unassigned to a specific Portfolio Group.

How to get there, view Unassigned accounts: Orion Connect > Orion Planning > Personal Finances > Select “Unassigned” (Under Investment when Portfolio Groups are turned on) How to get there, Portfolio Group setting: Orion Connect > Client Experience > Portfolio > Managed Account Grouping, Portfolio Groups

Knowledge Article: How to use Portfolio Groups to Organize your Accounts


Client Portal: Find Transactions With Transaction Date Picker (5/5)

Easily Find Specific Transactions with the new Transaction Date Picker

  • Easily search for specific time periods when reviewing transactions in the Client Portal.

  • Quickly find transactions for accounts under the Personal Finances page.

Preview of Transaction Date Picker

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Personal Finances > Select an Account > Transactions Tab > Date Picker, Custom Range

Knowledge Article: Client Portal Mobile App Overview


Financial Planning: Give Clients a More Tailored PLD Experience (5/26)

Provide Your Clients an Even More Tailored Protect, Live, Dream Experience

  • Clients can enjoy new advanced customization and personalization options, allowing them to strengthen the connection between the mental and emotional accounting of their assets and financial goals. The highlights of this enhancement include:

  • Ability to customize the number of buckets (between 2-4), and the names and descriptions of the buckets on the PLD results page. This empowers clients to organize their assets to best suit their financial goals and enhances their sense of ownership and understanding by using labels that align with their specific investment strategy or personal preferences.

  • Option to personalize the summary headline and supporting text on the results page. This creates a more meaningful and engaging experience by enabling clients to add context and descriptions that resonate with their unique financial situation.

  • Advanced drag-and-drop functionality that provides a seamless and interactive way for clients to manage and organize their portfolios. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Planning > Goals Results > Protect, Live, Dream > Edit Asset Bucketing
Knowledge Article: Protect, Live, Dream in Orion Planning 


Portfolio Interactions: Improved Registration Update Custom Import (5/12)

Experience Increased Speed and Stability using the Registration Update Custom Import

  • Seamlessly update registrations en masse, including sleeved registrations using the new Registration Update custom import in the current 2.0 version.

  • Streamline your import process with added speed and stability using the upgraded template.

  • Resolve errors quickly and efficiently using the grid's editable fields.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports > Import Templates > Registration Update
How to Enable: Manage Users > Roles > Edit Role > Actions > Registration Update


Reporting: Updated Intuitive New Reports Page (5/5)

Quickly Run, Save as Favorites, and Recover Recently Deleted Reports from the Intuitive New Reports Page

Enjoy a cleaner, more modern interface to work with your reports on the Reports page! 

  • Save reports as a Favorite, organize them into categories, and manage who can run or edit reports all from one screen.  

  • With the enhanced search and filter functionality, quickly find reports by name, who created or edited them, and view and recover recently deleted reports.

  • Collapse or expand report versions underneath the original report with the new view more/view less options.

  • Click on a report's name to immediately open it in the Report Builder*

*This functionality is only available for users with access to edit reports.
How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Reports


Trading: More Flexibility With New Role Privileges in Orion Trading (5/5)

Access Greater Flexibility with New Role Privileges in Orion Trading (Eclipse) for Security Sets

  • Enjoy more flexibility with specific role rights for securities and security sets. Security Set access was previously controlled by the Securities privilege. Now, the updated privileges are:

    • Securities: Allows access to the Securities Sets Tab under administration to read, create, edit, and delete securities.

    • Securities Sets: Allows access to the Security Sets Tab under strategies to read, create, edit, and delete security sets.

  • In the process, we mapped existing privileges from Securities to the new Security Sets privilege.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Manage Users > Roles > Add or Edit a role > Model > Security Sets
Knowledge Article: How to Set Up Roles in the Orion Trading Platform


Trading: In-Line Edits in Custom Imports in Orion Trading (5/5)

Enjoy In-Line Edits within Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)

  • Easily edit data in custom imports without having to re-upload a file!

  • Simply double-check on the cell and fill in the correct data. Once you make a change, the row updates to "Pending Validation".

  • Please Note: Changes are not saved until you validate the data (Actions Menu > Validate Data).

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Custom Imports > Upload File with Data > Open File > Double Click on Cell to Edit
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


April 2023

Portfolio Interactions: Updated to "Also Reverse Linked Transaction" (4/28)

Enhancements to the "Also Reverse Linked Transaction" Feature

  • Keep your accounts in balance by ensuring offsets are reversed when necessary, even when related transactions don't have the same date or trading expenses aren't the same amount. Example - Your reverse a Buy of a ticker. Checking this box also reverses the associated Sell if the trans link code is used.

  • Ensure accuracy by reversing the correct transaction sets from AIP Activity Type. Example - A capital call with a source of client direct is entered into AIP. If you reverse the Buy transaction in Portfolio Audit, checking this box also reverses the associated Client Contribution and Sell of Cash transactions. 

Please Note: This feature is automatically enabled as default. to remove this feature, reach out to the SME Data Reconciliation team and request to disable the "recon_portfolioaudit_reverseoffets_218408" feature flag.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Choose a Client, Registration, Account, or Asset > Navigate to Transaction Activity > Right-Click on a transaction > Status: Reversed > Check the box "Also Reverse Linked Transaction" > Save

Knowledge Article: How-To: Transaction Reversal and Reversing Linked Transaction Logic


Portfolio Interactions: Transaction Endpoint API Change (4/14)

Transaction Endpoint API Change

  • When making a call to the transactions endpoint without including a Household, Registration, Account, or Asset ID, the pull will draw from the last 31 days.

    • This change will support efficient and fast API responses

    • Example of an API call that will result in 31 days of transactions: /Portfolio/Transactions?assetId=null

  • To return more than 31 days of transaction data via API be sure to include an ID (Household, Registration, Account, or Asset) in the call.

    • Example of an API call that will result in >31 days of transactions: /Portfolio/Transactions/?endDate=12-31-2018&startDate=01-01-2018&clientID=310


Reporting: Help Clients Visualize PLD Goals With New Sub-Report (4/14)

Help Your Client Visualize Their Protect, Live, Dream Planning Goals With New Integrated PDF Sub-Report

  • Connect your client's emotions to tangible, personal goals by adding the new Protect, Live, Dream (PLD) sub-report to your custom reports.  

  • This is a great option for clients not utilizing the client portal because it brings the same Orion Planning information into their report PDFs.

  • Simply drag and drop the “Orion Planning Protect, Live, Dream” sub-report into your custom report after you set up PLD in a client’s financial plan. No additional setup or configuration is needed.

Preview of PLD Subreport

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Create a New Custom Report > or Edit Existing > Open the Sub-Reports tab in the right sidebar (the icon with three horizontal lines) > Expand the Integrations section > Drag and Drop onto your report: Orion Planning, Protect, Live, Dream
Knowledge Article: Protect, Live, Dream in Orion Planning 


Trading: Set Aside Cash Custom Import Available in Orion Trading (4/21)

Set Aside Cash Custom Import is Now Available in Eclipse

  • Add set aside cash en masse to your accounts in no time! Easily download and complete the set-aside cash import template to validate and apply the data.

  • Need to undo an import? No worries, simply right-click and select Override Data. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Roles > Enable "Custom Imports" privilege under Data Import & "Administrator" or "Advisor" under Custom Imports > Refresh your page and see Custom Imports in the left-hand navigation menu
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


Trading: Equity Block Order Aggregation by Master Account Number (4/14)

Equity Block Order Aggregation by Master Account Number (4/14)

  • Enjoy the best execution experience when orders span across multiple custodial setups. Block orders are now grouped together based on the ticker, master account number, and action taken. 

  • Blocks with the same master account number will use the FIX routing information for the custodial setup with the lowest Custodian ID.

  • Review and Edit Fidelity blocks with ease if your firm uses multiple Fidelity G number accounts.

Preview of Equity Block Order Aggregation

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Administration > Custodian > View Fidelity Custodians 


Trading: Open Model Details in New Browser Tab in Orion Trading (4/14)

Open Model Details in a Separate Browser Tab in Orion Trading (Eclipse)

  • Work more efficiently within your models while using a separate tab to reference information from the Portfolios grid. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Portfolios > All Portfolios > Select a model in the Model column 


Trading: See Portfolios With Model Substitutions on Portfolios Grid (4/14)

Easily Identify Portfolios that have Model Substitutions on the Portfolios Grid

  • Quickly view which portfolios have model substitutions assigned to them in the Portfolios grid for easy troubleshooting.

  • Use Case: A portfolio’s rebalance produces unexpected results compared to other rebalanced portfolios in the same model. Quickly view if the portfolio in question has a model substitution directly in the grid.

Preview of Model Substitutions 1
Preview of Model Substitutions 2

Tip: View portfolios that have substitutions at the model level.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Portfolios > All Portfolios > Columns > Has Substitute