If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we never know what’s around the corner. We’ve seen significant shifts in the way we connect, how we do business, and what we prioritize.

As investors navigate the resulting economic landscape today, a few factors are worth noting:

  • There are a lot of new business owners. A record number of new businesses formed in the past two years because of the great resignation and workplace upheaval.
  • There’s a renewed focus on being prepared for the worst. Investors are thinking about cash reserves and ways to cover emergency situations.
  • Personalized experiences are the norm. The rapid evolution of digital engagement tools has significantly raised the bar for investor expectations.
These shifts may have investors thinking about things such as borrowing and lending, holding cash in reserves, and whether they are getting a wealth experience that really meets their needs.

With a perspective of a client’s overall wealth picture, financial advisors are in the unique position to deliver personalized experiences that include credit and lending solutions for clients. Integrating banking solutions into your practice has far-reaching benefits for both your clients and for your business.

Here are 3 ways offering credit strategies helps your business grow:

1. It’s another valuable service for your clients

The shifts mentioned above mean your clients may want to fund their small business, build cash reserves, or get access to funds while keeping their assets fully invested. As such, they may be looking at financing options and other banking services, which we know clients want guidance with:

  • 52% of Americans want guidance on amassing more savings1
  • 50% need assistance with paying off debts2
For clients worried about market volatility and considering whether to liquidate assets to create a safety net, a credit strategy might be one way to preserve a well-thought-out investment plan. By offering banking, securities backed line of credit, and lending strategies, financial advisors can help clients control their finances, explore a plan to help withstand future financial disruptions, and stay on course to reach their goals. It’s one more valuable solution to help you better serve your clients.

2. It creates deeper client engagement and retention

Discussing credit with your clients enables you to gain deeper insight into their total financial picture. You may uncover additional investable assets or gaps in their existing plans, leading to revenue potential.

Clients can leverage credit strategies for access to cash instead of liquidating invested assets they have with you. Adding a lending solution means your clients are more fully invested with you, and more likely to stay with you. This can be significant if they are looking at a competitor that offers financing solutions.

3. It can help you attract and serve higher value clients

High-net-worth clients often have more complex and nuanced needs that might be met with banking and lending solutions. We know that high-net-worth clients value personalized experiences that include concierge services from their financial advisor. Beyond investment, tax, and estate planning strategies, securities backed line of credit provides alternative funding and liquidity options for affluent investors, where taxes play a particularly important role. Lending and cash management are another way advisors can differentiate their offering from competitors in the high-net-worth space.

How to Get Started

Orion Cash & Credit is a fully integrated lending and cash management solution that gives you access to:

  • A range of vetted loan providers to offer a competitive array of personal, business and specialty lending options for clients FDIC-insured deposit programs at competitive rates for portfolio cash and held-away cash balances
  • Convenient processing and transparent reporting with full integration into the Orion platform
  • Specialized consultation and exceptional service from a team of highly qualified banking experts
With Orion Cash & Credit, you can proactively offer clients advice-driven financing options to meet clients’ current or future liquidity needs, including:
  • Mortgage banking
  • Commercial real estate
  • Commercial and business financing
  • Non-purpose securities-backed lending
  • Specialty lending
  • Aircraft and marine watercraft
  • Competitive rates on FDIC insured deposit program
Orion Cash & Credit is integrated technology that enables advisors to seamlessly serve and retain clients. As clients continually look to you to provide a complete wealth experience beyond investments and taxes, now is the right time to consider incorporating banking and lending into your planning process.  

1 CNBC.com, 99 Percent of Americans Don’t Use a Financial Advisor, Here’s Why, November 2019

2 Thinkadvisor, Americans in Need of Some Good Financial Advice, September 2019