Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with, and learning from, high-performing advisors. Among the insights I’ve picked up over the years, one stands out: The best of the best are committed to lifelong learning.

These high-performing advisors bring an intentional approach and a continuous-improvement mindset to everything they do. It’s with these advisors and their growing teams in mind that Janus Henderson has created Knowledge Studio, our online learning platform.

Whether you’re seeking unique wealth transfer strategies, innovative stress management methods, or actionable guidance for building and managing an extraordinary team, Knowledge Studio features easy-to-use, on-demand resources created and delivered by our experts. Below I have included my three favorite courses on the platform and my thoughts on what they can do for you and your clients.


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1. Wealth Transfer

Our Wealth Transfer course offers a deep dive into the strategies and considerations involved in the process of helping your clients and their families plan for the future. Acknowledging the delicate nature of discussing wealth transfer plans, this course provides practical guidance on navigating these discussions with empathy and clarity.

For lifelong learners, the importance of this course lies in its ability to help advisors serve their clients’ entire families more effectively. From specific strategies for preparing to take on younger clients, to methods for empowering existing clients to have future-of-money discussions with their heirs, to guidance on engaging clients' children, it provides a great foundation of knowledge that every financial advisor should have to secure the future viability of their business.


2. The Elements of Extraordinary Teamwork

Another favorite course of mine, "The Elements of Extraordinary Teamwork," resonates deeply with my belief in the power of collaboration. It explores the fundamentals of building and sustaining high-performing teams, with an emphasis on communication, trust, and shared goals. The course offers actionable insights into overcoming the common challenges teams face, such as conflict resolution and motivation.

In the context of lifelong learning, this course underscores the importance of interpersonal skills and collective effort. While most financial professionals did not get into this business to manage people, the top performers in the industry are part of or manage teams – thus the ability to work effectively with others is a key determinant of success. "The Elements of Extraordinary Teamwork" equips us with pragmatic knowledge and skills to foster environments where collaboration thrives, leading to more fulfilling and productive outcomes.


3. Managing Stress for Success

Finally, in a world where the pace of change seems to only accelerate with each passing day, managing stress is not just important—it's essential. "Managing Stress for Success" is a course that stands out for its comprehensive approach to understanding and mitigating stress. It delves into the physiological and psychological impacts of stress and provides practical tools and strategies to manage it effectively.

What makes this course invaluable to lifelong learners is its emphasis on resilience and adaptability. By mastering stress management, we not only improve our personal well-being but also enhance our capacity to face challenges and embrace opportunities in all aspects of life. This course teaches us that managing stress is not about avoiding challenges but about building the strength to tackle them head on.


Continue Your Learning Journey

In a profession where knowledge directly impacts success, the importance of lifelong learning for financial advisors cannot be underestimated. Platforms like Janus Henderson's Knowledge Studio play a crucial role in supporting advisors on their journey of continuous learning and development. By leveraging these resources, advisors can enhance their expertise, stay ahead of industry trends, and provide the best possible guidance and support to their clients. I invite you to take a closer look and register here.


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