As a leader of an enterprise-level advisory firm, growth is a metric you’re constantly watching. How can you provide your team with the tools they need to accelerate the sales cycle, launch new client relationships faster, and offer personalized service to existing clients to retain them?

The right enterprise risk analytics solution can support your team all across the Fiduciary Flywheel. Whether that’s creating opportunities for more in-depth connection with prospects or providing a repeatable process for regular client check-ins, tech can help your team excel at building and maintaining relationships with investors.

Here we’ll explore the ways Orion Risk Intelligence works for your advisors along each stage of the Fiduciary Flywheel.

Prospect: Improve Conversations and Build Trust

Getting new investors in the door is the first step for any firm looking to drive growth. But with thousands of options, from advisory firms to robo-advisors to self-directed platforms, firms must work harder than ever to stand out.

Orion Risk Intelligence offers several features that can set your advisors apart from competitors. With a focus on behavioral finance, Risk Intelligence empowers your team to begin prospecting conversations with a greater understanding of the investor sitting across from them. Pair this tech with some active listening and empathy, and your advisor will start prospect relationships from a place of strength.

Risk Intelligence offers a 3D Risk Tolerance Questionnaire that assesses a prospect on three dimensions:

  • Capacity: Assesses factors like an investor’s age, income, current net worth, and financial understanding.
  • Tolerance: Assesses an investor’s willingness to accept increased risk for the potential of increased upside.
  • Composure: Assesses an investor’s expected behavior in times of market elation or stress.
When your advisors have a more complete picture of a client’s risk tolerance, they can inject nuance into early prospect conversations. By connecting what your firm can offer to a prospect’s goals and feelings about investing, your advisors build the kind of trust that can lead to new client relationships.

Plan: Build Better, More Personalized Recommendations

When it comes to building recommendations for a new client, Risk Intelligence makes it easy for your team to access models and customize a plan to meet each investor’s needs.

Risk Intelligence offers enterprise firms a shared model marketplace, where your entire team can access all models in one place. Within the tool, advisors have the ability to blend models or adjust percentages of existing allocations to align with a client’s current risk score.

Advisors can make as many adjustments as they’d like before finalizing any one approach.

Risk Intelligence also makes it easy for your advisors to present their client with options. Your team is empowered to show a client the work they’re doing to create a tailored investment plan. And with stress testing scenarios, they can give clients a picture of potential upside and downside risk in hypothetical future market conditions.

With today’s consumers putting a premium on personalized service, these Risk Intelligence features make it easier for your team to deliver custom solutions for discerning investors.

Invest: Create Repeatable Client Touchpoints to Fuel Retention

When you’re focused on growth, client acquisition is a worthwhile goal. But it’s just as crucial you maintain the relationships you already have. Research from Bain & Company shows that increasing customer retention by five percent can produce more than a 25% increase in profit.

Creating regular client touchpoints is one way to drive that crucial customer retention. As Brett Van Bortel, Director of Consulting Services at Invesco Consulting, shared on The Weighing Machine podcast, his team’s research found that advisors who had interactive check-ins with clients four times per year saw zero client turnover.

Risk Intelligence offers advisors the data and tools they need to create meaningful client touchpoints regularly throughout the year.

Your advisors can automate key processes, like the annual send of your risk tolerance questionnaire to clients, so that one of the four regular check-ins can be built around a the results of the new 3D RTQ.

Stress testing scenarios also provide fuel for additional check-ins. When a macro event occurs that affects a client’s portfolio, advisors can turn to Risk Intelligence to find one of the 100+ scenarios in the Risk Intelligence library that fit the current moment. From housing bubbles to geopolitical events to shifts in monetary policy, these stress testing scenarios provide insight into how your client’s holdings might behave in a hypothetical macro scenario.

Armed with potential upside and downside risk, your advisors now have numbers they can proactively share with clients to ease any fears around market disruptions. This attentive client care is the stuff long-term relationships are made of.

Achieve: Easily Adjust Models to Grow with Your Clients

These regular client touchpoints feed directly into the achieve portion of the Fiduciary Flywheel. As you aim to achieve firm-wide growth, your advisors seek to help their individual clients achieve their financial dreams. Fortunately, Risk Intelligence can contribute to your shared goals.

As advisors regularly check in with clients, they will see financial goals change. Once a client has saved for and purchased their first home, for example, they will turn their attention to other objectives, like building up retirement savings or a college education fund for their children.

Here, advisors can leverage model management within Risk Intelligence to shift investing strategies to meet these new aspirations. Blend models, adjust allocations, and test different approaches before settling on the right strategy for your client.

The flexibility inherent in the platform allows your advisors to deliver on client expectations while reducing the amount of time it takes for them to offer personalized, thoughtful recommendations.

For firms looking to build their AUM, win new business, and develop longstanding relationships with the clients they already have, Risk Intelligence has the tools to help them get the job done.

If you’re ready to see how Orion Risk Intelligence can power the Fiduciary Flywheel at your enterprise-level firm, contact us today for a tech demo.


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