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Top Notes


New YTD Realized Gain/Loss Column Added to Portfolios Grid (7/21)

  • Use the new “YTD gain/loss” column in the All Portfolios grid in Eclipse to know where you stand with realized gain/loss values across all your portfolios. This value is also shown within Portfolio Details. 



How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolios > All Portfolios > Columns > YTD Realized Gain/Loss
Knowledge Article: How-To Make Custom Grid Views in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


View Errors and Warnings for Orion Trading (Eclipse) Custom Imports (7/28)

  • Enhance the user experience by eliminating the need to switch between columns to view your import errors or warnings. Simply hover over the cell to view your import errors and warnings!
  • The red circle or yellow triangle provides instant feedback by indicating problematic imports without the need for additional clicks or actions.
TradingImportErrorsWarnings 7-2023


How to get there: Eclipse > Custom Imports > Upload spreadsheet > View data
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse) ​​​​


Client Experience

Account Sidebar enhancements in the Client Portal (7/14)

  • Elevate your client experience with a sleek new design of the account sidebar in the Client Portal.
  • Provide clarity with increased character limits on account names.
  • Streamline your view by expanding or collapsing accounts and groupings.

Image of account sidebar

How to get there: Client Portal > Personal Finances > Left sidebar of accounts



Set a Default Cover Page for all your Custom Reports (7/14)

  • Setting a cover page as the default for your database ensures all new custom reports automatically use it as their cover page.

  • When a report from another database is shared with you and it's set to use the default Cover Page, it will now use the default Cover Page from your database.

  • Set separate default Cover Pages for Portrait and Landscape layout reports. When a new report is created, it will automatically choose the default cover page that matches its layout. 

 How to Get There: Reporting App > Cover Pages. Select Edit on an existing custom cover page, or click on: New Cover Page. In the right sidebar, make sure you are in the General tab (1) and click on the checkbox next to Default Cover Page (2). Save your cover page: Actions > Save



Sleeve Setup: Allow Sleeve Changes to be Processed with a Pending Management Fee (7/21)

  • On July 21st, logic for processing sleeves will be updated to allow sleeve changes when an account has a pending Management Fee. 

  • Other pending transactions (ex. pending buy, pending sell, etc.) will still prevent sleeve changes from being processed, but you will be able to process sleeves with a pending Management to give you more flexibility.

How to Get There: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Registrations > Sleeve Setup
Knowledge Article: Sleeves (UMAs or Unified Managed Accounts)- Overview and FAQ


Quickly Update Set Aside Cash En Masse (7/14)

  • Use the Set Aside Cash - Update import to efficiently update active and non-expired Set Aside Cash at scale.

  • The Set Aside Cash record needs to be active, not expired, and match the account ID or number provided. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Custom Imports > Set Aside Cash - Update template
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)


Data Reconciliation

Exclude Custom Import Errors En Masse (7/14)

  • Whether you’re utilizing a Multi Database or a Single import, exclude your import errors en masse. Say goodbye to excluding individual error rows one by one!

  • Prioritize your import needs and streamline error management. Proceed with applying your pertinent information by excluding the errors to review at a later time.

  • Enhanced flexibility! Excluding errors in bulk allows you to allocate dedicated time to review and resolve the errors at a later time allowing a more thorough analysis and resolution while prohibiting delays for the remaining information on the import.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports
Knowledge Articles:
How-To and Overview: Multi Database Custom Imports
How-To and Overview: Custom Imports



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