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Top Notes

 Portfolio Interactions

Discover the Joy of Intuitive Browsing Using the Revamped Application Dock (6/2)

  • Seamlessly navigate the Orion Connect system with the app dock on the left sidebar.

  • Set your favorite apps and quickly locate and switch apps using the search bar from anywhere in the system.

Watch this 2-minute overview video for a quick tour of the app dock and its features.

Knowledge Article: How to Customize the App Dock in Orion Connect


Choose Additional Chart Options in Portfolio View (6/16)

  • Enhance your data visualization! Pie, donut, and bar charts give users more versatile visual tools when reviewing client data. 

  • Different types of charts offer unique perspectives and highlight specific aspects of the portfolio, making it easy to interpret and analyze information

How to Leverage: 

Pie charts are excellent for illustrating the composition of a portfolio by displaying the percentage breakdown of various asset classes.


Donut charts provide additional information, such as comparing two different time periods or comparing the client's portfolio with a benchmark index.


Bar charts allow for easy comparisons and rankings. Quickly identify the best-performing and worst-performing sectors, allowing you to make informed decisions about rebalancing the portfolio, adjusting sector allocations, or discussing potential changes with the client.


How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > 3 dot menu > Settings > General > Chart Configuration > Chart Type

Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Portfolio View


Client Portal

Customize Your Advisor Contact Information (6/23)

  • Customize client communication! Better accommodate your client’s communication preferences at various levels and align the desired level of accessibility for different client groups.

  • Streamline client engagements! Use the new custom URLs and text fields to provide clients easy access to relevant resources and information, such as a calendar link, to create seamless communication and stronger client relationships.

  • Display additional representative information and improve team collaboration by customizing the title, email, and phone number of ‘Additional Reps’ to personalize service and communication.

How to get there - Client View: Client Portal > Contact My Advisor (upper right corner)
How to enable: Orion Connect > Client Experience > Settings > Advisor > Show Advisor Info
Knowledge Article: Orion Client Portal Settings in the Client Experience App (Advisor Settings section)




Ensure Your Custom Report Theme Appears Automatically on All Reports with the New Default Theme Option (6/16)

  • Apply your current database's custom theme to a report created in a different database.

  • Share reports between databases without having to deal with theming access and rules.

  • With the Default Theme set, you no longer need to manually add your branding to a standard report because it will be applied automatically.

How to Get There:
Setting a Report Theme as the Default Theme for the Database:

  • Reporting app > Report Themes
  • Create a new report theme, or click edit on an existing theme
  • Expand the General Tab (1) in the right sidebar and click Default Theme (2)
  • Actions > Save or Save and Close

Choosing the Default Theme option in your custom report: Orion Connect > Reporting app > Create Report (or click Edit on an existing report) > Right Sidebar > General tab > Use Default




Try the New Light Mode Experience in Eclipse (6/16)

  • Have it your way! Orion Trading (Eclipse) now has both light and dark modes. The dark mode is the system default. 

Light Mode