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Top Notes

Client Portal

Easily Find Specific Transactions with the new Transaction Date Picker (5/5)

  • Easily search for specific time periods when reviewing transactions in the Client Portal.

  • Quickly find transactions for accounts under the Personal Finances page.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Personal Finances > Select an Account > Transactions Tab > Date Picker, Custom Range

Knowledge Article: Client Portal Mobile App Overview


Report on and View Unassigned Groups of Accounts More Easily (5/26)

  • Easily view Unassigned accounts within Orion Planning/Client Portal when Portfolio Groups are selected as the way accounts are displayed under Personal Finances.

  • Run a report on accounts that are unassigned to a specific Portfolio Group.


How to get there, view Unassigned accounts: Orion Connect > Orion Planning > Personal Finances > Select “Unassigned” (Under Investment when Portfolio Groups are turned on) How to get there, Portfolio Group setting: Orion Connect > Client Experience > Portfolio > Managed Account Grouping, Portfolio Groups

Knowledge Article: How to use Portfolio Groups to Organize your Accounts


Financial Planning

Provide Your Clients an Even More Tailored Protect, Live, Dream Experience (5/26)

  • Clients can enjoy new advanced customization and personalization options, allowing them to strengthen the connection between the mental and emotional accounting of their assets and financial goals. The highlights of this enhancement include:

  • Ability to customize the number of buckets (between 2-4), and the names and descriptions of the buckets on the PLD results page. This empowers clients to organize their assets to best suit their financial goals and enhances their sense of ownership and understanding by using labels that align with their specific investment strategy or personal preferences.

  • Option to personalize the summary headline and supporting text on the results page. This creates a more meaningful and engaging experience by enabling clients to add context and descriptions that resonate with their unique financial situation.

  • Advanced drag-and-drop functionality that provides a seamless and interactive way for clients to manage and organize their portfolios. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Planning > Goals Results > Protect, Live, Dream > Edit Asset Bucketing
Knowledge Article: Protect, Live, Dream in Orion Planning


Portfolio Interactions

Experience Increased Speed and Stability using the Registration Update Custom Import (5/12)

  • Seamlessly update registrations en masse, including sleeved registrations using the new Registration Update custom import in the current 2.0 version.

  • Streamline your import process with added speed and stability using the upgraded template.

  • Resolve errors quickly and efficiently using the grid's editable fields.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports > Import Templates > Registration Update
How to Enable: Manage Users > Roles > Edit Role > Actions > Registration Update



Quickly Run, Save as Favorites, and Recover Recently Deleted Reports from the Intuitive New Reports Page (5/5)

Enjoy a cleaner, more modern interface to work with your reports on the Reports page! 

  • Save reports as a Favorite, organize them into categories, and manage who can run or edit reports all from one screen.  

  • With the enhanced search and filter functionality, quickly find reports by name, who created or edited them, and view and recover recently deleted reports.

  • Collapse or expand report versions underneath the original report with the new view more/view less options.

  • Click on a report's name to immediately open it in the Report Builder*

*This functionality is only available for users with access to edit reports.
How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Reports



Access Greater Flexibility with New Role Privileges in Eclipse for Security Sets (5/5)

  • Enjoy more flexibility with specific role rights for securities and security sets. Security Set access was previously controlled by the Securities privilege. Now, the updated privileges are:

    • Securities - Allows access to the Securities Sets Tab under administration to read, create, edit, and delete securities.

    • Securities Sets - Allows access to the Security Sets Tab under strategies to read, create, edit, and delete security sets.

  • In the process, we mapped existing privileges from Securities to the new Security Sets privilege.


How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Manage Users > Roles > Add or Edit a role > Model > Security Sets
Knowledge Article: How to Set Up Roles in the Orion Trading Platform


Enjoy In-Line Edits within Custom Imports in Eclipse (5/5)

  • Easily edit data in custom imports without having to re-upload a file!

  • Simply double-check on the cell and fill in the correct data. Once you make a change, the row updates to "Pending Validation".

  • Please Note: Changes are not saved until you validate the data (Actions Menu > Validate Data).


How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Custom Imports > Upload File with Data > Open File > Double Click on Cell to Edit
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Custom Imports in Orion Trading (Eclipse)



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