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Top Notes

Client Portal 

Account Aggregation for Fidelity Accounts Now Available through Akoya (10/13)

  • Easily bring in data aggregated and balance only Fidelity accounts into the Orion Client Portal via Akoya.

  • You and your clients can clearly see their fully reconciled or balance-only Fidelity Access accounts within the Orion Client Portal.

  • This integration with Akoya empowers you to effortlessly consolidate, report on and analyze your client’s complete financial picture.


How to get there: Client Portal/Orion Planning > “+ Add Account” > Log in to Fidelity Access

Knowledge Article: How to Link Akoya Accounts to Orion




Simplify Management Fee Collection with New Goldman Sachs Fee File Format (10/6)

  • This new fee file simplifies collecting management fees for Goldman Sachs!  

  • Please reach out to the SME Billing team with your GS Advisor House Number if this is applicable to your database. 



Orion Compliance Multi-Tenants (10/27)

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness by centralizing all portfolio data into one Orion instance and customizing the experience for different RIAs and offices associated with your firm.

  • Centralization streamlines data management and ensures consistency, making it easier to adhere to compliance and supervision rules specific to each RIA/office.

  • Enjoy a complete end-to-end workflow that includes dynamic calculations for key metrics like ADV and AUM, and comprehensive on-demand reporting. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Compliance > Client Portal > ADV Overview
How to enable: Review your Orion Advantage Stacks package and reach out to Sales for further information. 


Data Reconciliation

New Akoya Held Away Data Feed (10/6)

  • Use Akoya’s API-based feed to bring your held-away Fidelity and TransAmerica accounts into Orion Connect or Orion Planning! 

  • Employ balance-only aggregation to bring accounts into the Client Portal via Akoya.

  • Link the accounts to become reconcilable and enable performance analysis, report generation, and billing on the accounts!


How to Enable for Financial Planning: Contact SME Financial Planning
How to Enable for Reconciliation: Contact SME Data Reconciliation
Knowledge Articles: Akoya FAQs & How to Link Akoya Accounts to Orion



Mark Accounts as SMA En Masse with the Separately Managed Custom Import (10/6)

  • Easily mark accounts as Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and create, update, and assign SMA Assets en masse. Separately Managed Accounts enable you to combine certain assets in an account and make it reflect as one asset in client reports and the client portal. 

Note: The Firm Profile database entity option “Allow Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)” must be enabled for your database. Please reach out to the SME Reporting team if you need to have this turned on for your database. 

  • Advisor-level users can create custom products and add new assets to accounts. 

  • Representative-level users can only use an asset that already exists in an account as the SMA Asset.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports > Separately Managed
Manage Users Privilege: Orion Connect > Manage Users > Edit Role > Privileges > Records > Separately Managed Account
Knowledge Articles: How-To and Overview: SMA Products and Assets & How-To and Overview: Custom Imports



Money Market Trading in Eclipse (10/26)

  • Orion's revolutionary trading platform now offers automated money market securities allocation. Set up and manage value-added interest rate exposure opportunities for their clients’ accounts, via money market fund (MMF) holdings at the click of a button, without the hassle of manual trading.

  • The rebalancer automatically creates trade orders to buy or sell custodian-specific MMFs to a specified percentage of an investor’s overall portfolio cash allocation. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Administrator > Preferences > Custodians > Money Market Trading
Knowledge Article: How-To and Overview: Money Market Trading in Orion Trading (Eclipse)





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