High net worth and ultra-high net worth investors have more nuanced — and sometimes complex — financial circumstances. While there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, leveraging a Wealth Advisory solution can help you meet clients' personal goals and needs. 

With a proven discover/design/deliver approach, our Wealth Advisory team works alongside of you to create personalized experiences, including tailored portfolios designed from a select list of vetted investment management partners, ongoing proactive tax management, and white glove service. 

Four High Net Worth Goals that a Wealth Advisory Solution can Help You Meet:

1. Client goals: Plan for growth, a legacy, and taxes

Discover:  Mary and Brian are both in their early 50s, with two children, and working with their advisor to be as prepared as possible for the future. Their primary concerns were to fund their retirement needs, establish a legacy or estate plan for their two children, and maximize a tax-efficient portfolio. They had a total of $2.4 million in investable assets.

Design:  The Wealth Advisory team worked with Mary and Brian’s financial advisor to develop a full picture of the couple’s goals and designed an investment recommendation for the clients.  A few key considerations they took into account:

  • How can Mary and Brian balance their current income needs with long-term legacy goals?
  • What is the best way to structure an income plan to ensure they stay the course when markets are volatile?
  • How can Mary and Brian best protect their purchasing power over the long term?
Deliver:  Mary and Brian’s goals-based planning objectives were balanced with a bucketed approach. Income from buckets 1 and 2 was allocated to pay the annual premiums on a third-party whole life policy. As the whole life cash value builds, Mary and Brian planned to take more risk in bucket 1, all while generating tax alpha.

Wealth Advisory Investment Recommendation
BUCKET 1 Safety and income BUCKET 2 Growth and income BUCKET 3

Long term growth


Long term growth


Asset protection

$1M into defensive strategy  $500K into aggressive equity with value tilt  $500K IRA into moderate aggressive Their $400K 401(k) into moderate aggressive Whole life policy  assuming $50K in annual premiums for a $2M death benefit

2. Client goal: Optimize tax management

Discover:  Over the years, Elizabeth and Robert have accumulated sizeable unrealized gains, and their advisor wanted to perform an in-depth analysis to help navigate the challenges while transitioning their portfolio with limited capital gains. They have $4.4 million in assets, want to move assets into a separately managed account and plan to purchase a second property with an asset-backed line of credit.

Design:  A full analysis of their assets uncovered a yearly average loss of 1-2% due to inefficient tax management. The Wealth Advisory team designed a potential enhanced risk management solution that included asset location and optimization to produce better tax incomes, in-kind transfers of low-cost basis securities, share class conversions, and the minimization of taxable ordinary income. Elizabeth and Robert considered a few questions:

  • How could their assets best be allocated to produce better tax outcomes?
  • How could they purchase the second property they want?
  • What possible solutions would best to help transition their portfolio with limited capital gains?
Deliver:  Elizabeth and Robert’s solution was dynamic and multifaceted and included different tax-efficient investment vehicles and the ability to retain existing assets-in-kind within a new portfolio. Through Wealth Advisory tax transition managers, assets were transferred into the portfolio over time and limited the realized gains, a process including active tax oversight for the most efficient impact.
For their individual account For their trust account
$50K capital gains threshold

Three of their existing ETFs were built into the allocation, potentially saving them over $60K in unrealized gains

$500K in unrealized gains

Two ETFs brought into the portfolio

Prevented from having to realize $317K in capital gains

Third party asset-backed line of credit utilized to finance the purchase of their second home

3. Client goal: Personalized portfolio management support

Discover:  Julie and David have been married for almost 25 years, and they want to relocate in retirement while David continues his career remotely for the next 10 years. They have $1.3M in cash, $1M in an IRA and a $800K new home budget.

Design:  The Wealth Advisory team offered Julie and David a dedicated portfolio management team—the added benefit of which included additional client contact, enhanced client experience, operational quality control, improved retention, and support to help manage investor behavior. The team considered a few key questions:

  • Should the clients purchase their new home with cash or finance with a securities-based line of credit (SBLOC)?
  • How should they secure their income needs while progressing toward their long-term goals?
  • How can Julie and David’s assets be allocated and optimized to accomplish their goals?
Deliver:  With the support from a dedicated portfolio management team, Julie and David learned they had far too much risk in portfolios held elsewhere. They were able to then employ a cohesive asset allocation incorporating a SBLOC. With the solutions put in place, Julie and David felt better about remaining invested and focused more effectively on their long-term goals.

4. Client goal: Trust and partner services

Discover:  Andrew started his interior design business nearly 30 years ago, which subsequently spread to several cities, and he decided to begin transitioning into retirement. His daughter has worked within the business for several years and will take over when Andrew retires. Andrew also wants to gift assets to his son, Tim, that will generate income.

Design:  Andrew’s advisor and the Wealth Advisory team met to design a solution that included establishing a charitable remainder trust (CRT) funded with zero cost basis stock, and set up in a way that Andrew could transfer capital gains to the CRT. Additionally, the income from the CRT could be used for life insurance premiums. This CRT structure would provide income for Tim’s lifetime, and Andrew will not have to worry about Tim spending too much of his “gift.”

As Andrew and his advisor considered potential solutions, they worked through the following questions:

  • How could Andrew’s strategy replicate a source of income for his children?
  • What is the best way to structure and administer the trust to ensure Andrew can finance premium payments?
  • How can Andrew balance current needs with long-term legacy goals?
Deliver:  A Wealth Advisory portfolio consultant designed the CRT portfolio, which was initially funded by zero cost basis stock from Andrew. Next, a custom portfolio was built, relying upon a total return approach for growth. Tim was connected to a vetted wealth partner, for assistance in administering the CRT and received a custom investment proposal that incorporated Monte Carlo simulations to help Andrew understand the probability of different outcomes.

Why Wealth Advisory?

To attract and retain high net worth clients, you need a comprehensive solution that is customizable to meet your client’s unique needs. With Wealth Advisory, you can offer clients a complete range of wealth services, including personalized wealth experiences, multi-layered tax management, and high touch service and support. 

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