Marketing — that unavoidable and necessary part of owning a business that is talked about ad nauseum, but is all too often overlooked. And for good reason. You are a financial advisor. You specialize in growing the wealth of your clients so they can achieve whatever objectives they have created with your help. You enjoy seeing your clients realize their dreams, and knowing you were a part of their successes. You have dreams and plans for yourself as well, and no doubt growing your business is a vital part of helping you achieve these goals, which leads us back to marketing.

Successful marketing can be measured by the growth in profitability and value of a business. As a financial advisor, you can benefit tremendously from the use of marketing tools to assist in these efforts. They allow you to grow your business while staying faithful to your true mission, helping your clients achieve their financial goals.

Here are some of the top marketing tools for financial advisors and other industry professionals to make it easier for you.


Email Marketing Tools

Email remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to get in touch with clients and prospects in the financial industry. With tools like Constant Contact, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more, you can make a difference by communicating seamlessly with your current clients and attracting new customers.

All of the tools above are best known as email marketing management tools, but many also offer much more than that, including customizable templates and other personalization options you can use to market your services and build a robust new clientele.

Look for the following features when utilizing email marketing technology:

  • Customizable templates and landing pages
  • Dynamic, mobile-optimized sign-up forms with custom fields and built-in security
  • List management tools for building, segmenting, and tracking
  • Social media integration for creating and posting social posts and ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Features for marketing automation, event marketing, and surveys
  • A mobile app that allows for campaign design from desktop to mobile device
  • Integrations to connect apps you’re using now plus those you may use as you grow

Automation Tools

Tools like Hubspot, Pardot, ActiveCampaign and SimplyCast are all about smart marketing automation, allowing you to automate periodic communications with your clients while allowing you to remain focused on your existing client base and the day-to-day operations of your business. Combining inbound marketing and multi-channel client communications into one robust marketing automation suite serves as a vital tool for the modern financial industry professional.

By placing a simple form on your existing website, people can sign up for a weekly email newsletter containing your advice, offered free of charge. These emails could contain stronger direct marketing efforts, a more effective “Call to Action,” or an additional incentive to convert visitors into clients.

Anyone interested in receiving your newsletter only needs to fill out the form on your website with their contact details. When someone signs up, their information is sent to the CRM, and a transactional email is sent thanking them for signing up. You can set a delay until the time you'd like your newsletter to send out. Choosing to delay it until a specific time, as opposed to a simple delay, ensures that everyone will receive the communication simultaneously.


Analytics Tools

There’s no shortage of options out there when it comes to tools you can use to monitor your marketing performance. From free tools like Google Analytics to the performance data included in those shared above to full analytics suite software like Campaign Monitor, what you choose depends on your needs.

Whatever fits your business best, we recommend choosing a technology that gives you an aggregate view of the overall performance of your campaigns — including geography, acquisition, and engagement per campaign. You’ll get actionable insights to help improve your strategy and prove the return on your overall marketing investment.

Look for tools that offer real-time results across interactive dashboards covering everything: email campaigns, automated journeys, transactional emails, and beyond. It’s the type of campaign data that empowers you to build and improve a profitable marketing strategy. The right tool walks you through a complete set of reports, giving you the data you need to revise your strategy, exceed your goals, and fine-tune the specifics to ensure that your marketing budget is allocated correctly.


Complete Marketing Tool: Redtail Campaigns

Orion and Redtail have created a one-stop marketing solution specifically for financial advisors in Redtail Campaigns, the industry’s first CRM-centric advisor marketing suite.

Advisors can launch pre-built, sequenced marketing campaigns directly from their Redtail CRM. Advisors have access to campaigns on a variety of financial planning topics, along with a full content library and custom content from Orion’s investment, financial planning, and behavioral finance experts. Having access to fresh, FINRA-reviewed content and benefiting from “always-on” marketing automation tech provides advisors with an unparalleled opportunity to thrive in the marketing space.

Redtail Campaigns features and functionality include:

  • Wealth of Content Unlike some of the other tools on this list, Redtail Campaigns comes with ready-to-use content and campaigns specifically designed for financial advisory firms and will continue to add new content and campaigns to the platform to ensure you’re never at a loss for fresh, relevant content that converts prospects into clients.
  • Compliance Workflow FINRA-reviewed materials dramatically decrease the time required for approval by your compliance department.
  • Integrations An unmatched and impressive group of business partners allowing integrations with your existing platforms.
  • Campaign Scheduling – Choose to run campaigns as-is or customize and run multiple campaigns per month aimed at clients in different lifecycle stages — all informed by the data in your Redtail CRM.
  • CRM Integration – Coupling the contact data that Redtail CRM allows you to track alongside opportunities organized through meaningful, actionable segmentation, Redtail CRM is a natural springboard from which to initiate targeted, well-timed marketing campaigns.
With Redtail Campaigns, advisors will find a well-designed platform with great content designed to be effective whether an advisor is attempting to nurture prospective, new, or existing client relationships. Providing everything from document imaging to customer relationship management and email marketing solutions, it’s a complete solution for marketing for financial advisors.

Ready to level up your marketing game? See Redtail Campaigns in action, here, or get started today.