Advisors looking to establish independence: What’s your brand story?

And more importantly, how will you tell it? 

For breakaway advisors establishing a new firm, creating a powerful brand presence and defining your value proposition should rank high on the list of initial tasks, right behind getting all of your legalities squared away. For many financial advisors, though, building marketing into their firm’s capabilities is an overwhelming task. In fact, only 5% of RIAs believe they have advanced marketing skills, and less than 1/3 have a written business plan. 

For newly independent RIAs who need to engage prospects to build a book of business, that’s not good enough. 

But you don’t have to develop CMO-level marketing skills in order to effectively communicate your brand message to your target audience. You can start right here, with our interactive workbook, Building Your Breakaway Brand: The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Newly Independent RIAs.

Within the guide, we walk you through everything you need to create a powerful marketing plan for your new firm: 

  • Setting goals
  • Establishing KPIs
  • Identifying your target audience 
  • Determining your budget
  • Defining your value proposition 

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For the last piece of the branding puzzle, defining your value proposition, consider a skill you probably already possess: Financial planning.


Kickstarting the Advisor-Client Journey with Marketing and Financial Planning

If you’ve never considered the relationship between marketing and financial planning—especially as they relate to your breakaway business—hear us out. 

As a financial advisor, you understand the value of financial planning for investors: Fifty percent have higher savings with a financial plan, and 67% say having a budget increases their financial confidence. What’s more, 78% of planning clients save money each month vs. 38% who don’t have a plan, and 68% of planning clients have an emergency fund vs. 26% of who don’t have a plan.

Finally, in case you still aren’t convinced about the power of financial planning: “Nearly 90% of 4,000 wealthy investors surveyed in a CFA Institute 2016 study noted that the development and management of a goals-based financial plan, rather than the actual advice or investment management, provided the core value of wealth management." 

So why not capitalize on financial planning as a way to showcase your value, both to new prospects and clients you’ve retained? 

Combining an intuitive, goals-based financial planning service with your unique marketing message creates a cohesive, streamlined experience for new prospects getting to know your firm. 

Take that concept a step further, and you’ve got the one-two punch of Orion Market*r and Orion Planning, two seamlessly intertwined platforms built to attract prospects with professionally designed, customizable campaigns, and engage them immediately with self-guided financial planning workflows. 

Marketing and Financial Planning: Bundled for Breakaway Advisors

Because we believe so strongly in the breakaway journey, and the power of marketing and financial planning to support it, we’re offering a Market*r and Planning bundle exclusively for breakaway advisors, at $350/month. 

To find out more about taking advantage of this special offer, get in touch with us today