Upcoming Events

The MarketCounsel Summit 2021

Event Description:  In the last few decades, the wealth management industry’s primary value proposition has been repeatedly disrupted by technology; a trend that is only accelerating today. So where does an advisor add value in a world of universal technological access and democratized retail investing? In this interactive presentation on December 7, Orion CEO Eric Clarke and CBO Dr. Daniel Crosby will share a bold vision for the future of the industry that places the relationship between client and advisor at the center of the conversation.  To learn more click here.

HiddenLevers War Room: Omicron + Taper

Event Description: Join Raj Udeshi and Praveen Ghanta as they introduce a new scenario for this stage of the pandemic and discuss whether we've hit peak inflation, in the next HiddenLevers War Room.

New Client Portal: Demo and Q&A Webinar

Event Description: Now’s the time to find out why Orion Portfolio Solution’s New Client Portal, launching January 2022, will become the foundational tool for offering your clients a truly unique experience. The new Client Portal is designed to help you engage your clients in an easier, more personalized way with tools and technology intended to bolster the client experience. Get a guided tour of the new Client Portal and how it can be customized to best fit the unique needs of your clients, as well as, answers to all of your transition questions - live!

Work Smarter Series: Behind the Scenes – Differentiating Advisor Value Through Integrated Processes

Event Description: In this Q&A session, we talk about how one of the leading RIAs in the country is making an impression on the client experience by first focusing on the processes and systems behind the curtain. Lantz Hunt, Chief Operations Officer of Carson’s RIA, will share some of the key strategic moves the firm has made in order to build a compelling client experience that is also streamlined and seamless from behind the scenes.

Portfolio Recipes: The Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio

Event Description: Would you expect a portion of your portfolio to be actively managed during periods of market volatility? If investors’ market participation expectations are as such, then tactical asset allocation strategies could make sense for their portfolios. Common characteristics of many tactical strategies include using signals to drive market exposures in an attempt to limit losses during severe drops and to potentially outperform during those sustained drops. Given the current state of the markets, with high valuations for stocks and low interest rates for bonds, many investors are looking for those investment strategies that can indeed adapt during periods of high market volatility. Join Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio MasterChef Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, as he stirs up the Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio, a tasty pairing featuring Howard Capital Management’s Vance Howard & PIMCO All Assets’ Jim Maturzo, CFA.

December 2021 Product Release Webinar

Event Description: Be among the first to see what updates are coming to the Orion platform in December. Our product team will demo the updates and be available for any questions.

Work Smarter Series: Tales from the Trench | Achieve Operational Excellence from a RIA’s All-star Team

Events Description: The team at RFG Advisory has spent years cultivating culture and building a team of A-players. Along the way, they’ve figured out the secret to do it all, and do it all well when it comes to running an RIA. Award-winning RFG Advisory has racked up some of the industry’s most prestigious distinctions including Best Places to Work for Advisors, Innovation & Icons, Women to Watch, Top Non-Custodial RIA Support Platform, and top 300 RIA’s. One of the biggest focuses at RFG is achieving operational excellence, and in this webinar, you’ll find out what that means to their Advisors and how the team wakes up committed to getting 1% better every day.

Work Smarter Series: The First 8 Years From Startup to Enterprise

Event Description: Ryon Beyer co-founded Hemington Wealth Management back in 2013, and has had to make critical decisions to shape the future of the RIA firm every day since then. The implementation of Orion’s technology has been a continuously evolving journey for Hemington, and has helped the RIA become one of the fastest-growing firms in the country. Join Ryon as he shares the key decisions and inflection points that have defined the past 8 years of breakaway success for Hemington, and how he is working to ensure success for the future.