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Webinar Series: Orion’s Summer of CE – Leadership Begins with You

Event Description: This summer, Orion brings you our Summer of CE webinar series with three webinars, one in June, July, and August, each qualifying for 1 hour of CE toward the CFP designation. Join Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Daniel Crosby, as he explores the underlying psychology affecting decision-making and the ability to foster stronger relationships in the financial space. You’ll learn how giving your best advice can help steady clients during volatile markets and how you can strengthen your client relationships and your practice.

Webinar Series – Find A Tech Solution That Grows With You: How The Right Tech Can Help You Surpass Your Next Billion in AUM

Event Description: You’ve hit some major milestones already… $1 billion, $5 billion, or $10 billion in AUM. At this stage in the game, it’s imperative you have a solution that you won’t outgrow. As a larger firm, let’s talk about what your tech solution should be doing for you, and what questions you need to be asking to make sure it’s the right fit.

Portfolio Recipes: The Diversified Tactical Portfolio Recipe

Event Description: In this month’s Portfolio Recipes webinar, Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, will be joined by Manish Khatta, CEO and CIO of Potomac Fund Management, Inc., and Michael Hadden, CFA, a portfolio manager at Brinker Capital Investments, to discuss how a well-diversified tactical portfolio can be useful in volatile markets. Tactical strategies are those strategies that can change their risk exposure and asset allocations based on changing market conditions. Their agility allows them to move in and out of different areas of the market to seek opportunities for higher relative performance. Not only can investors benefit from the work of tactical strategies themselves - they can also benefit from combining these strategies together. Plus: marrying tactical strategies can result in lower correlations not only to the overall market and lower correlations among the other strategies in the portfolio, providing even further diversification benefits.  

Everything You Need to Know for Transitioning to Orion’s Enhanced Client Portal

Event Description: Building strong connections with your clients is at the heart of your business. With Orion’s new, more intuitive Client Portal at their fingertips, your clients are empowered to stay invested in their journey toward financial wellness - and to collaborate with you. Join us for a 30-minute deep dive on the full transition process, including everything you need to prepare and answering any questions you have in a live Q&A segment. Our goal is to provide you with the right amount of training to navigate this change in technology and support you every step of the way.

Webinar Series – Find A Tech Solution That Grows With You: Most In One Technology, The Benefits of Open Architecture Tech

Event Description: You shouldn’t be bending over backward to get your tech stack to play nicely together, your tech stack should be catering to you and your needs. Let’s talk about the importance of an open architecture, and how it benefits you now, and in the future.

Webinar Series – Find A Tech Solution That Grows With You: Ask Us Anything, Top Due Diligence Questions

Event Description: No question is a dumb question when it comes to due diligence. This is a big decision that will affect your firm’s trajectory and growth. So bring your questions - we can talk about Orion tech specifically, due diligence in general, what questions you should be asking tech providers, and more.