The Brinker Capital Market Barometer is our monthly assessment of different factors that impact market performance.


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This information is prepared for general information only. It does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, and the particular needs of any specific person. This material does not constitute any representation as to the suitability or appropriateness of any security, financial product or instrument. There is no guarantee that investment in any program or strategy discussed herein will be profitable or will not incur loss. Investors should seek financial advice regarding the appropriateness of investing in any security or investment strategy discussed or recommended and should understand that statements regarding future prospects may not be realized. Investors should note that security values may fluctuate and that each security's price or value may rise or fall. Accordingly, investors may receive back less than originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Individual client accounts may vary.
Themes and specific funds utilized to implement themes are discussed within the context of Brinker Capital’s managed asset allocations and are based on current market conditions and constitute Brinker Capital’s judgment and opinions, which are subject to change without notice. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Statements referring to future actions or events, such as the future financial performance of certain asset classes or market segments, are based on the current expectations and projections about future events provided by various sources, including Brinker Capital’s Investment Management Group. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual events may differ materially from those discussed.

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