In service, the name of the game is fast and accurate resolution. When you call a service representative—whether you’re shopping online, having trouble with your car, or seeking to solve a challenge in your business—the ultimate goal is to resolve the issue in as little time as possible.

But often times, service calls don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. And we think a lot of that has to do with the fact that most service calls rely, completely, on a headset. Quick answering time is great (we pride ourselves on it), but it can only take a service interaction so far. When it comes to troubleshooting technology challenges, or solving complex financial problems, you need more than a phone call.

So what do you need for a radically improved service experience? In a perfect world, the ability to not just speak to service representatives, but collaborate with them—freely.

There are three pillars of collaboration that could drastically improve service experiences for financial advisors:

Pillar 1 - The ability to see your service representative, face-to-face, and establish a connection

Productive service interactions bring you to a solution. Great ones deliver an experience—one that leaves you feeling confident, empowered, and valued.

Video chat is the first step to facilitating better service experiences. Particularly in our business, where advisors and service representatives work together to address the client needs, a strong working relationship between you and your service team is vital. The intangible value of face-to-face communication fosters deeper relationships with your service team, establishes common ground, and naturally supports better conversations with visual cues.

Pillar 2 - The ability to show a service representative what you are looking at, in real time

How much easier would your service conversations flow if you could show your representative what you’re looking at?

A natural point of frustration in phone-only service calls is a lack of clarity. The success of your engagement, and solution of your problem, relies on your ability to depict your current challenge. That process is both time consuming and confusing for all parties.

The ability to share your screen with a service representative and show them, in real time, what you see is the next step in a more productive and streamlined service experience. The additional clarity into the conversation works to expedite the process, reducing downtime and frustration.

Pillar 3 - The ability to collaborate with service representatives, seamlessly

When solving a challenge, clear and accurate direction is key to finding a speedy resolution. But for more complex service requests, wouldn’t it be better if you could collaborate openly with your service rep?

The ability to co-browse (give a service representative access to manipulate your screen) creates that opportunity for collaboration.Through a co-browsing session, the service representative becomes your partner. They can demonstrate how to troubleshoot a solution. They can walk you through the steps, with unparalleled clarity, within your own advisor portal.

Through open collaboration, a service engagement goes from being informative to transformative. A guided approach not only creates increased transparency and efficiency in your service engagement, but also affords greater learning opportunities—so you can operate with greater autonomy and effectiveness in your day-to-day work.

What are we doing about it?

We believe these three pillars could redefine the standard of advisor service expectations. Led with that conviction, we’ve found a solution that enables all three pillars—through an integration with Glia, a next-generation digital communications platform.

Advisors on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform can now text/message, video chat, screen share, and co-browse with their Regional Service Team, on demand. Accessing the new service experience is easy. Just click the service button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. A list of options will appear, giving you the ability to initiate a service call.

Don’t have access to the Orion Portfolio Solutions investment platform? Contact us to learn about our investment, technology, and service solutions.