Benefits of a flexible investment experience


Brinker Capital brings 30 years of investment management experience, rigorous due diligence, and a dedicated portfolio management team.

Streamlined experience

Core Guided portfolios offer a streamlined investment experience with a single account structure and full discretionary oversight.

Tax control

Investors retain greater tax control through tax loss harvesting, ownership of underlying stocks, individualized cost basis, and available tax transition tools.


Brinker Capital Core Asset Manager offers access to investment strategies that may not be available to investors directly.


Brinker Capital Core Asset Manager offers investors the ability to enact social and/or environmental restrictions within their portfolios.


Comprehensive and detailed reporting provide investors with insight and understanding of what their portfolio owns and how their investments are performing.


Investors can benefit from leveraging Brinker Capital’s size and buying power to obtain better manager fee value.


A flexible investment experience – from Core Guided portfolios to Core Select tailored solutions – may help investors better optimize their portfolio and meet their goals.