Since 1987, Brinker Capital has designed solutions around our multi-asset class investment philosophy to meet the evolving needs of individuals.

Brinker Capital Core Asset Manager is a managed account solution that offers a flexible investment experience through multiple ways to invest.

Core Guided

A comprehensive, single account solution that features:

  • A range of risk-based, tax-managed and income focused portfolios, along with completion strategies
  • Underlying investments may include separately managed accounts (SMAs), mutual funds, and exchange-traded products
  • Professional investment management and oversight of strategy selection, manager changes, and reallocations

Core Select

Offers SMAs, mutual funds, exchange-traded products, and limited partnerships. This range of options enables investors to have greater control over their investments, including:

  • Direct ownership
  • Individualized cost basis
  • The ability to restrict certain securities or industries from their portfolios

Brinker Capital works with financial advisors and investors to build portfolios to meet the needs of investors.

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  • Brinker Capital Core Asset Manager is designed to help investors achieve better outcomes in a flexible investment experience.
  • Core Guided features range of dynamic risk-based, tax-managed and income-focused portfolios, as well as completion strategies.
  • Core Select offers access to Brinker Capital’s best thinking in a tailored portfolio.