Why Goal-Based Investing?

Manage behavior — not just money — with Orion’s proprietary Protect, Live, Dream framework, which lets you bucket your client’s investments into distinct areas, enabling you to work toward their unique goals, not arbitrary benchmarks.

Developed by Chief Behavioral Officer Dr. Daniel Crosby, this innovative BeFi tool will help you keep investors’ eyes on individual aims, not market fluctuations, reduce panic selling, and create more informed financial plans that spark deeper client conversations and drive better financial outcomes


Of clients with a goals-based approach made no changes to their portfolios during the 2008 financial crisis.¹


Of investors with a traditional portfolio fully liquidated their holdings during the same time period.¹
Create Customizable Buckets
A Proven Psychological Approach to Planning

Create Customizable Buckets for Clients

Because not all goals are created equal.


This bucket consists not only of “safe” assets but also the income potential of human capital.


This bucket contains those investment assets that work to sustain a client’s lifestyle over the long haul.


This bucket funds aspirations, or the things a client hopes to do but that are not immediate needs.

Or Personalize

Want to build custom buckets? Go beyond the standard framework and build up to six personalized buckets, tailored to your clients' goals.
Tech-Enabled BeFi

How It Works

Step 1

Start with your clients' 3D Risk Profile to determine their risk comfort level by evaluating their life and finances from multiple dimensions.

PLD Step 1

Step 2

Next, go through the personalized planning workflow in Orion Planning that works to bucket your client’s investment strategy into the Protect, Live and Dream buckets.

PLD Step 2

Step 3

Finally, provide clients with a financial plan catered to their unique goals that’s designed to keep them on track in all market environment.

PLD Step 3
Advisor Walking
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See Behaviors, Strengthen Outcomes

Investing isn’t logical. Orion’s Protect, Live, Dream framework taps into human psychological tendencies to help advisors guide clients toward behaviors that align with their unique short- and long-term goals. 

Instead of being influenced by the market or the Joneses, investors stay focused on their objectives and remain calm in times of volatility.

Orion BeFi Tools

The Future of Finance is Behavioral

Unite financial know-how and psychological principles to support clients.


Introduce investors to their money persona and use those insights to launch deeper conversations.

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3D Risk Profile

Understand your client’s risk tolerance on three dimensions so you can create more personalized recommendations.

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Advisor Academy

Grow your business and earn CE credit with our practice management courses.

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Investing Strategy?

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¹Source: Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management, Charles Widger and Dr. Daniel Crosby, 2014.