Our newest BeFi tool to match investor behavior with their goals.


What Is PulseCheck?

PulseCheck helps investors prioritize their values, assess their fulfillment within six major wellness categories, and then form goals around those values.

Accessible directly within Orion Planning, this one-of-a-kind tool unites the power of behavioral finance and goals-based planning. 

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Tech-Enabled BeFi

How To Access 

Step 1

Enable the PulseCheck workflow through Orion Planning within the firm-level settings. If you don't see it in the firm-level, check the advisor and individual client-level settings.

Step 2

Invite clients and prospects through a dedicated workflow in a few simple clicks. You can send out workflows one-by-one or you can send out in bulk.

Once sent, the client/prospect will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire where they will rank the six pillars of a successful life.

Step 3

PulseCheck integrates smoothly with the rest of Orion Planning. Review your clients results and enhance your check-ins with purpose-driven action steps. Prioritize wellness goals alongside others to accommodate financial and non-financial goals. 


The HEARTS Behind PulseCheck

Research indicates there are six categories representing the pillars of a fulfilling life. 

Investors will indicate their current level of fulfillment within each of the six areas. Based on their responses, we identify the greatest distance between the importance to the investor and their current fulfillment within that category.

The investor will set a goal around increasing their fulfillment in this category. 


How we experience positive emotions such as joy, pride, excitement.


Immersive focus aka whatever you get “locked in” or “zoned in” on.


How do we be 1% better today?


Meaningful bonds in our lives with friends, family, coworkers, etc.


Contributing to something that is greater than oneself.


Health + wellness and prioritizing our physical wellbeing.

The Problem We're Solving

There can be a distortion of the value that advisors perceive that they are adding to investors’ lives versus the value that investors perceive that advisors are adding to their lives. Advisors tend to focus on the technical aspects of investing, such as asset allocation and portfolio management, while clients are also concerned with their financial advisor understanding their individual needs and goals and working in their best interests. This gap in perceived value can lead to avoidable investor attrition.

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