Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

One you, one Orion means creating a diverse, respectful, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all.

Our Vision

Why We Value DE&I

We pride ourselves in sustaining a work environment that is inclusive and considers the full range of human diversity. Our team’s growth-focused mindset, fearless innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit depends heavily on the collaboration of team members with varied perspectives and experiences.

Our Progress

Inclusivity in Action

In 2018, Orion started a formal program to embark on our DE&I journey and track progress along the way. We’ve accelerated our progress over the past few years and are putting our plans into action by building and enhancing our programs and policies to bring an inclusive culture to life for our people.

Orion Advisor working with client
Policies and Benefits

• Expanded paid parental leave, covering all genders

• Extended benefits coverage to domestic partners

• Paid time off made available for part-time team members

• Expanded tuition reimbursement

• New student loan repayment benefit

Programs and Training

• Respect and inclusion training rolled out for all team members and new hires

• Diversity Champions Committee formed

• Working groups established to execute on priority areas

• Third-party expert engaged as DE&I partner

• Team member survey deployed, action plans developed

Our Goals

As we build the Orion of tomorrow, DE&I is firmly established as a focal point and business imperative. We are strengthening our efforts and making progress in five priority areas:

• Hiring and retaining diverse talent at all levels

• Enhancing communication and connection

• Recognizing employees

• Fostering two-way, open dialogue

• Raising awareness and driving engagement

Diversity Means

Amazing People Who Do More Amazing Work

Let’s Innovate Together

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