Everyone at Orion is still recovering from the excitement and energy we all experienced at Ascent 2023! It was a stellar event and whether you experienced it for yourself in person or you weren’t able to attend this year, we wanted to continue our weekly recaps with a few of the most exciting topics everyone was talking about around the “Invest” pillar of our Fiduciary Flywheel. Here are five of our favorite, most talked-about topics from the conference.


1. The Morning General Session: The Mind and the Market

Fan-fave Orion duo Dr. Daniel Crosby, Ph.D. and Chief Behavioral Officer along with Tim Holland, CFA and Chief Investment Officer, took to the stage to talk about the opposing forces of the mind – how behavior influences investment decisions, and the market — data-driven market factors. Advisors can incorporate essential behavioral finance (BeFi) tactics into their practice to better serve their clients, especially during times of volatility (which is, in reality, most of the time).

Giving perspective on the market conditions of the past year, advisors should remember that the mind of investors is not wired to maximize performance but to minimize regret. Tactics such as implementing a diversified portfolio, being mindful of framing market events around goals, staying optimistic, and encouraging holistic wellness can help investors maintain perspective.  


2. How Advisors are Using OCIO Services to Supercharge Their Growth

What if you had a way to supercharge your firm’s growth? With a single partnership, you could get close more larger accounts, stop doing the back-office work that is draining your time and productivity, and increase your AUM?

Kurt Brown, President of Orion OCIO, spends all day everyday thinking about those things. At Ascent, he talked about how OCIO Services can help reinforce the value of human financial advisor relationships and guidance with clients through products, services, and expertise.

With investment and client support ranging from point-of-sale engagement, individual cash management portfolios, customized tax harvesting and transition programs, training and consulting, to trading and operations services such as cashiering, trading, rebalancing, custom indexing, and compliance, OCIO Services can help you optimize your team, spend more time focused on clients, and grow your business. 

Learn more about Orion OCIO Services here.


3. Be Part of the $362¹ Billion Opportunity: See Orion's New Custom Indexing Advisor Tool in Action

Andy Rosenberger, Head of Custom Indexing at Orion gave conference attendees a look into Orion Custom Indexing, a tech-enabled, competitively priced solution that offers the power to manage personalized portfolios at scale and helps advisors: 

  • Build and manage low-cost, personalized, tax-efficient portfolios at scale
  • Turn prospects into clients by transitioning portfolios over multiple calendar years
  • Add value to client returns and reduce taxes through ongoing tax loss harvesting, setting individualized capital gains budgets, and tax-optimized portfolio rebalancing
  • Partner with CFA-credentialed portfolio managers to optimize and monitor client portfolios
  • Attract high-net-worth clients with a solution to address their concerns around tax management and customization
  • Increase the scalability of their advisory practice with Orion’s technology
  • Capitalize on additional revenue while reducing management time and costs.

Orion Custom Indexing helps advisors bring proactive tax management to every client through cost-effective and customized portfolios at the touch of a button. 


4. The Power of Discretion

According to Orion research, relationship building ranks last among an advisor’s top 3 weekly time commitments — less than financial planning and investment management. 

An expert panel of investment professionals hosted this breakout session on the benefits of leveraging professionally managed, discretionary portfolios to help clients reach their goals. Led by Brian Storey, CFA and Head of Discretionary Portfolios, the discussion featured five additional portfolio managers, client portfolio managers and an investment analyst. They dug into the Orion portfolio construction framework and how outsourcing investment management helps advisors to spend more time focused on key aspects of their business, such as client relationships. 

Learn more about how the time-tested manager research and portfolio construction can help you spend more time helping clients reach their goals.


5. Accelerate Your Practice’s Revenue: Break into the High-Net-Worth Space

It’s estimated that 90% of investors think their advisor should leverage outside expertise, resources and support to bring the best value to them. And 80% think more highly of an advisor who applies that outside expertise and intellectual capital to serve their clients.² 

Wealth Advisory can help bring the support, expertise and resources that advisors need and investors want, to attract and serve high net worth clients. 

With a proven discover, design, and deliver approach, Wealth Advisory can help advisors better position themselves to meet the more complex needs of wealthy investors. The Wealth Advisory team partners with advisors to uncover opportunities and provide full pre- to post-sale support. And with tailored investment experiences and services, Wealth Advisory is a comprehensive offering bolstered by concierge-level service.

Learn more about how Wealth Advisory can help you attract and retain more high-net-worth clients.


¹Source: Cerulli Associates, Direct Indexing Growth Projected to Outpace ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Separate Accounts Over Next Five Years, According to Cerulli, August 2021.
²Source: Orion Research, July 2021. Orion’s Research Initiative maintained a +/- 2.9% margin of error among consumer investors across generations and a +/- 3.8% error rate among Financial Advisors. A mixed methodology was applied that included a robust base of more than 2000 constituents in the online surveys and dozens of in-depth interviews on the topic.